Welcome to My Wheels, Aryan. What’s it like rolling up to campus with a Gran Turismo Sport?

There’s no better way to start the day and I look forward to going to university because it means I’ll be driving my car!

It is one of the most special things I have in my life and it really means a lot to me. I always wanted one of these when I was a kid. It was my dream car. I always had posters of it on my bedroom walls, it was my screen saver on my mobile phone and I used pics of it as the wallpaper on my PC.  I bought it brand new from the Ferrari-Maserati showroom in Dubai and it felt incredible to drive off in a zero kilometre Maser!


But you nearly bought something else…

That’s right — I was thinking of buying a BMW M4 instead of the Maserati as it had far more technology and many more features and options. However, the Italian had more prestige and far better looks so I opted for it and am so glad that I did because it is so much fun to drive.

I really can’t explain how enjoyable it is; when you hear that exhaust, and experience the surge of power from the engine, it is intoxicating. I just wish it had a manual gearbox because I’d play with the gears all the time just to hear the exhaust note changing!


It sure is a beauty — in fact, it’s hard to get you out of this car isn’t it?

Yes it is — I drive my car to and from university in the morning, then I drive it to the gym in the afternoon and then I love to cruise around with my friends at night.

My favourite place to drive it is up in the mountains with my friends who also own supercars. We usually form a group and then drive to some fabulous locations. The sound of the 4.7-litre V8 rebounding off the mountain walls sounds amazing. It has 454 horsepower at 4,750rpm and it comes with a six-speed automatic from the Ferrari 599 GTB. It is just amazing and I am really satisfied with my car’s performance and handling. With a wide rear track and low ride height it holds the road really well. It feels like it is glued to the road and performs really well in the corners.

However, if you turn off traction control, then it becomes even more fun to drive but you have to be more careful! I have never driven it on a race track but it would be good to be able to unleash all of its power and fury in a safe and dedicated place.


How do you cope with all the attention it draws?

It was hard at first as it really does get a lot of attention from other motorists especially at the lights while the car is idling and the exhaust is rumbling away but I soon grew used to it. I notice a lot of tourists taking photos of the car and giving me the thumbs up salute and I really appreciate this — it makes me feel proud of my car. I love driving it not because it’s expensive or flashy but because I love the history of Maserati and to own one now is a real privilege.


You’ve customised it a little bit — tell us what you’ve done…

I made a few changes such as adding stripes on the bonnet, a carbon fibre spoiler, carbon fibre side-view mirror housings and the Italian flag on the grille. I also added a red trim on my steering wheel which I like the most and I have been in two minds whether or not I should tune the engine to increase the power but this is hard to do and expensive so I probably won’t.


Tell us about your very first car…

It was a grey 2010 BMW 5 Series which I had when I was living in Iran. I loved it so much although it wasn’t that powerful but the best car I have ever driven — apart for my Maserati of course — is my friend’s Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe. It wasn’t just ever so luxurious and loaded with kit such as massaging seats, a 360-degree camera and loads of tech which I wished my car had too and to go with that it was really potent too.


Final question — what is your dream car?

That’s a hard one — I’d have a dream garage made up of four cars; a Lamborghini Aventador SV, Rolls-Royce Wraith, manual BMW M3 with a Liberty Walk widebody kit and last but not least my Maserati Gran Turismo Sport.