Welcome to My Wheels, Noor. Your name, loosely translated in Arabic, means light which is apt seeing as you have one of the brightest Lambos we’ve seen! We love what you have done to it — tell us about all the work that’s gone into it from start to finish…

First of all thank you for featuring me in the magazine, I am a big fan of wheels!

Well now, when I bought this supercar, it originally had a white paint job, which although was very nice, I did not feel suited its character. This is a very flamboyant model and I believe the brighter and wilder the exterior colour, the better! The Huracán has such aggressive lines and I thought that the white paint wasn’t doing all the sharp edges and creases any justice. I wanted a different colour that would highlight them more and help the car stand out even more than it already did. So, with the help of my friend Rashid who owns Gulf Foil, we ordered a full carbon fibre body kit and wrapped the Lambo in a Satin Orange Chrome finish.

Then, I added a Capristo exhaust system and so now, my car doesn’t just look really loud — it sounds even louder than stock! For those who haven’t heard a Huracán at full pelt, take it from me — it’s loud but this one is on another level!


Is all the customising work done or is there still some left to do?

I guess for now I am done, I don’t believe I can add anything else to the exterior to make it even bolder than it currently is. I have managed to create the look that I was originally after, I had this look in my mind and I am really pleased to have been able to make it a reality.

Often when you want a particular colour and you think it’ll look great, it can look terrible once it’s been applied to the car! Fortunately, this orange wrap really suits my car and overall I am ever so happy with the new look and the new found aggression it has given it. I also love all the little touches on the body such as the green, white and red trim to mimic the Italian flag which looks subtle but adds a unique twist to the car and the Satin Orange lip on the wheels. I also had the brakes finished in the same colour as the body and last but not least who doesn’t like white-lettered tyres? I think they round off all of the work that I have done to my car really well and I am really pleased with the outcome now.

It is totally unrecognisable compared to how the car looked when I bought it.


What inspired you to change its appearance?

I love the custom scene and always like to see what all of the major tuners are up to and their latest creations. I think most of them really do a fine job on adding more visual drama to a car — some take things a little too far — I think we all know which ones!

Anyway, it was by looking at ideas from other Lamborghinis all over the world that I decided to customise mine this way.

It took around three months to get all of the work done but to me it felt more like three years! The anticipation of seeing my car was driving me crazy!


We bet! The Huracán is a dream car for many, and it was something that you had always wanted wasn’t it?

Yes that is right, I had always wanted a Lamborghini but I just kept delaying getting one for various reasons until one day I caved in and bought it. I got it from Deals on Wheels and it was hardly used and in perfect condition. However, it wasn’t the only model that I had my eyes on — I was close to getting a Ferrari 488 GTB or a McLaren 620S but opted for the Huracán and am so glad that I did because this is such a fun and exhilarating car to drive. For sure the other two are as well but the Lambo is that much better and it looks otherworldly too!

Whenever I drive my car it makes me feel like a kid again. I just can’t get enough of my car but I am trying to spare it just for the weekends where I’ll take it on any open and empty road and enjoy that naturally aspirated V10 which makes 610 horses.

I love everything about it — the thrilling performance, screaming sound track, low stance and eye-catching exterior; no doubt about it — this one is a keeper! It gets a heck of a lot attention and I notice a lot of people taking photos and videos of my car which makes me feel good.


What does your family make of your passion for cars?

They think I’m crazy — as usual — for buying such cars that are not practical but my friends love it!

Since I was a kid I was obsessed with supercars and would play with my big brother’s toy supercar models like the Ferrari F40 and Lamborghini Countach. He even had a Countach poster on his wall. I fell in love with Lamborghinis — they looked far wilder and aggressive than Ferraris.


You have owned some pretty cool cars in the past — tell us about them.

Yes I have been fortunate — I have owned a Ferrari 458, Audi R8 and a Porsche Turbo S 997.

My first car was a Nissan Altima which was ideal to learn on and get experience with. My dad made me drive that for a while after I got my license and only when he was sure did he allow me to buy something a little more fancy. But I wasn’t going to drive that Nissan stock, oh no! I added a full exhaust system, a bodykit and of course a sound system!

It sure stood out in the university campus and when I was a teen I thought it was really cool — but I bet if I was to see that car now I would probably laugh at myself!


Finally, you have one of your dream cars now but are there any others?

I’d love a Pagani Huayra and a Bugatti Chiron.


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