Welcome to My Wheels, Wasim. We were impressed with the new Raptor when we tested it back in May and loved its burly looks, not to mention its great off-road abilities. It sure is a pick-up like no other which helps explain why you bought one…

Thanks for featuring me in the magazine — and yes, I was smitten with the Ford and in fact have always been a huge fan of the F-150. I was able to have a ride in one once and from that moment on I knew what I wanted. It became my dream ride actually.


What is it about trucks that you like so much?

I love the rugged charm that only trucks can provide. I have been fascinated with them since I was 15. When I was shopping around for a truck I felt that the Ford was better than anything being offered by Chevrolet, GMC or Ram.

This new Raptor takes everything up a notch both in terms of performance, comfort and tech — not to mention off-road ability — and is more than I could ever have asked for. Driving and indeed owning this model is a dream come true for me.


We are glad you’ve been able to realise your dream and wish you years of happy motoring which we’re sure the Raptor will provide. But you weren’t just looking at trucks — there were some SUVs in the mix too right?

Yes that is right — I was considering the Q7 as I thought that the Audi wasn’t just ever so practical but it’s a handsome model and it is absolutely loaded with all of the latest tech and kit. I was really drawn to it however, it was because of my love of trucks that I opted for my Ford in the end and I am really pleased I did so as it has been a blast to drive from day one.


How are you managing with it?

It is a huge truck and many people questioned if I would be able to handle such a large vehicle but it has been a breeze what with the 360 degree camera that makes parking a doddle (not to mention lots of other safety tech including Lane Keeping and Collision Avoidance systems) however I would suggest to those looking at buying a similarly sized truck to “plan ahead” with their journey and know your route; it isn’t much fun getting stuck in busy town centres with a lot of traffic! But out in the open it is so much fun to be behind the wheel of.


You have been driving it every day ever since you bought it — where do you enjoy driving it the most?

That’s right, I have been driving it from day one and am loving every moment with it. The more I drive it the more comfortable I am getting with it.

The Raptor’s natural habitat is the desert — it was designed to perform on the beaten track but it is proving just as enjoyable on the highway. It affords a lovely ride and a commanding vantage point too.

I also own a Yamaha Raptor which I carry on the truck to the desert — but if I am being totally honest, I am yet to attempt some proper dune bashing as it is still so new but I am sure it will tackle them with ease.


We’ve tried it off-road and can confirm that it will make mincemeat out of those pesky dunes! What do you make of the new turbocharged V6?

I know there was uproar from enthusiasts about Ford ditching the naturally aspirated V8 in the predecessor but the all-new twin-turbo 3.5-litre Ecoboost V6 has more power and torque than the previous engine. And it also has a 10-speed automatic transmission (with manual-shifting via paddle shifters) which sends the 421 horses and 678Nm of torque to all four corners.

Sure, it doesn’t sound as good as the V8 — but I have changed my exhaust system to help give it more of a growl — but it performs better and it is more efficient too.

Overall I am really happy with my Raptor and I love everything about it and don’t have a negative word about it.


It’s proven to be a big hit with your family and friends hasn’t it…

Yes that’s for sure! I get very positive remarks from all of my friends. A lot of them drive large American SUVs but having been so impressed with mine they have been thinking about getting a Raptor for themselves too.

I must thank my 6-year-old nephew for choosing the colour for me, I think the Raptor looks really good in this shade.

In fact speaking of my family, it was my dad (who has been featured in wheels before!) and my two brothers being passionate about cars that got me interested too.

Growing up with wheels magazine in our house and all of the motoring TV shows, my passion has developed over the years. The four of us always have discussions relating to the motoring world.


Finally, your Alfa Romeo 147 sure taught you a lot about the mechanical side of cars didn’t it…

You can say that again! That was my first car and I got to learn about all of the different components under the bonnet — as things started failing one by one!


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