Welcome back for a third time to My Wheels, Mutayeb. We haven’t seen you since issue 509 when you showed us your 2014 Charger SRT. How’s life been treating you?

Alhamdulillah everything is great. It feels just like yesterday that I was getting a photo shoot done with my Charger — time flies when you’re having fun!


You sold the Dodge – any particular reason why?

Not really I just fancied a change. I like to change my cars often so that I get to own and drive a wide variety of cars.


With a 6.4-litre V8, it was a monster — but now you have a very nice Ghibli so I guess you don’t miss the Charger much — or do you?

Well the SRT will always have a special place in my heart — as a matter of fact I am keeping my eyes open for a Charger Hellcat. I’d be really happy to get my hands on one.

I love to experience different cars and having owned my Maserati for a while it sure is a more refined ride than any other that I have owned. It is like a Ferrari in a saloon body style!

I almost bought a Mercedes E63 and was considering getting a Porsche Panamera while the Audi RS7 and BMW Gran Coupe were also in my mind but the Ghibli S Q4 was appealing. It is sporty and sophisticated with an engine made by Ferrari, so you can’t ask for anything better!  


It ticks a lot of boxes that’s for sure. What do you like best about it?

The twin turbo V6 is superb, as is the ZF eight-speed automatic that it is paired to. The drivetrain is sublime and that exhaust note is ever so thrilling! I love the all-wheel drive system which distributes the power as per the requirement and it has different drive modes and handles ever so well.

Also, the interior is finished in ravishing red leather with carbon fibre trim. I love sitting in there it feels ever so lavish and sporty too.


Will you be customising this like you did your Evo X that we featured all the way back in issue 302?

It’s awesome that you still remember that car! I used to love it and spent so much time and money on it. It had a complete HKS exhaust system, a Blitz blow off valve, Exedy twin plate racing clutch, Tein monoflex coilovers, a special front lip, side skirts and rear bumper skirt.

I went the whole nine yards with that one but I think I’ll practice a little more restraint with the Maser. I’m just planning on a turbo upgrade, cold air intake and full exhaust system.


Sounds good but it gets plenty of attention as is doesn’t it...

Oh yes, even though it’s classy and understated, everyone gives me the thumbs up in this car. Once, I was in the mall parking lot when a kid showed up in tears. His parents were trying to calm him down and I asked him why was he crying and came to know that he wanted to sit in my car. I asked his parents to accompany him and gave him a ride which made him very happy.


That was kind. You’re dream car used to be a Veyron then you changed it to a Chiron, now what
is it?

It’s still the Chiron — until Bugatti replaces it with something faster!