Welcome to My Wheels, Racheal. It is wonderful to see women with a keen passion for cars — tell us how yours began…
Thanks for featuring me in the magazine! From as early as I can remember, I have always had a love for engineering.

My fascination was brought on by spending most of my free time as a child building and fixing dirt bikes, boats and cars alongside my father and brother. They — and my husband — are obsessed with supercars and that’s how my passion for motoring came about.

They’ve all had a vast and varied collection of all makes and models and some of my earliest memories are of my brother’s first BMW 3 Series. In fact, he taught me to drive a manual at the early age of 12 years old.

Once I got my license I bought a cherry red 1981 Accord and by the time I was finished with that Honda it had everything from duct tape and zap straps holding the muffler and passenger door together!


That poor thing! You have owned a lot of others car since haven’t you…
Yes, my husband and I have owned all sorts of cars in the last eight years from BMWs, Maseratis, Shelby Mustangs, Jeeps, Range Rovers and more. In fact we have always been known as the family with too many cars!


Which one of them stands out the most?

They were all great in their own way but I’ll never forget the passenger ride I had at Saratoga Race Track on Vancouver Island in my friend’s 1968 Chevy Nova SS. He completely re-built and restored it and it had the loudest exhaust I’ve ever heard on a restored classic!


That’s awesome! Let’s move on to your Z06, what made you fall for the Corvette?

I saw the new Stingray on the road in Abu Dhabi one day and I fell in love with the new body shape and design so my husband and I started to look for one and grabbed this beauty when the chance presented itself.

However, we nearly bought a pre-owned Gallardo but I wasn’t ready to purchase a used Lamborghini that might have costly problems and in any case, I wanted an American muscle car to customize.


And you’ve sure been busy by the looks of it. Tell us what you’ve had done to it...

Well, Chrome and Carbon took care of the exterior and dressed it up with a Ferrari La Ferrari white matte paint, a custom designed wide body kit and custom carbon trim while Redline Motorsport Auto did a great job on the new Borla exhaust stage 2 system and vortex supercharger.

These are the only two garages that I take my Chevy to for any maintenance and upgrade work. I might be visiting them again soon as I am getting a bit bored of the alloys and might get a fresh set put on the car. Who wants to wear the same shoes all the time?


This is one of the most thrilling cars out there — can you put into words how exhilarating it is to drive?

It is pure bliss and I feel that I have a natural connection with my car. From the supercharged 6.2-litre V8, the seven-speed manual and the chassis, every inch of it feels like an extension of myself when I’m driving it.

When I purchased it, it sent 565 horses to the rear wheels however, ever since Redline Motorsport Auto worked their magic on it, it’s safe to say that this Z06 is making a lot more power than that!


With all the work that’s gone into it, does it give you any problems?

Yes — I seem to be getting a lot more speeding tickets these days! Other than that, the car runs like a dream and hopefully it’ll continue to do so as I am very strict and timely when it comes to maintenance.


We wish you years of happy motoring with it. Do you find people are surprised to see a lady in such a car?

It is a commodity to see a lady driving such a customized supercar especially here in the UAE but I have had nothing but the most positive reactions from the public and nothing but love and encouragement from friends and family.

However, I find a lot of men often tell me to drive slowly — if I wanted to drive slowly, I would have bought myself a Corolla. Even if I had one, I would find a way to supercharge that tin can to drive at a speed more fit for me!


Alright, I’m going to leave you with a final question, and it is a hard one — what is your dream car?

My list keeps getting bigger as new cars are revealed. This month, it is the McLaren 720S Super Series. Next month, I think I will want to trade my Z06 for the new and amazing ZR1.

But if I was to have another custom project car, then I would purchase myself a Lotus Evora GT430 Sport and re-build it from the inside out.


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