Welcome to My Wheels, Salman, we love these Skyline GT-R R32s! Tell us about your awesome ride…

Thanks for having me in wheels. The Skyline, specifically the GT-R R32, was on my wish list since for years and I couldn’t believe it when my online bid for this car was successful — but it took its sweet time to arrive here in
the UAE.

When it eventually did, a very extensive to-do list came into being — and it kept on growing! Basically, following a two year modification process, my car now has a custom paint job, carbon fibre trim and some engine mods.


Give us the juicy details!

Ok, it was painted “Show And Shine Black” by Elite Autosports in DIP, and since then I added carbon fibre door visors, a rear window carbon fibre visor, carbon fibre Fujimura rear spoiler flap, carbon fibre exhaust shield, a Jun front lip spoiler, clear smoked corner lights, N1 bonnet lip, front and rear strut bars, Kakimoto catback system, carbon fibre radiator cooling plate, Trust intercooler piping, OS giken twin plate clutch, and upgraded twin 20G turbos running on Haltech Sprint ECU.

The car sits on HKS Hipermax IV coilovers with 18in Enkie SBC RPF1 10.5in wide wheels. I’ll be adding a carbon fibre bonnet and boot lid in the future.


That’s more like it. It sure has kept you busy — but are you now getting to enjoy this legendary car?

Yes I am — it is super fun to drive especially when you see people waving at you, giving you the thumbs up or at times even stopping you on the road to ask if you are interested in selling, which I’m not!

It’s an attention seeker and Skyline fans sure do appreciate this car. It has bags of performance however I am really enjoying cruising late night with the windows down on Beach Road. But with the RB26 inline-six under the bonnet which is a legendary motor and with a few mods made to it, my car can give some new supercars a run for their money.

For me it’s all about uniqueness, and I feel very honoured, proud and of course thankful to God that I have one of my favourite cars in my parking lot.


We’re glad for you. This is an almost 30 year old performance machine — how hard is it to maintain?

It does throw up a few issues now and again, it would be a lie if I said if ownership of one of these cars is hassle free.

I tend to work on it in phases and make sure I put safety first and performance second. These engines need a lot of love and care so you have to keep a close eye on the oil and water levels but if you do that and look after it, then it’s not too hard to keep in good running order.


Apart for the sheer performance, what else do you love about it?

Plenty, such as its shape, its sheer road presence and  its awesome all-wheel drive system. This car was way ahead of its time back in the Nineties and has been a major hit in the custom scene for people like me who love tinkering with their rides.

My family always ask me when I’ll stop playing with this car but thankfully they understand my passion, in fact, my wife and father both love cars and share my passion which makes spending time and money on my car a little easier!


You used to help your dad a lot when you were a kid while he was working on his cars, right?

Yes, that is in fact how my love of motoring started.

I was very young and would watch him fix his cars and would help him by handing him tools to work with or filling the radiator. But I was always so impressed to see how much he knew about engines and cars in general.

When I got my first car, a Daihatsu Charade GTti turbo which was very well known because of its fast acceleration, we worked on that car together too making sure it ran right. I used to love that three-door pocket rocket!


You have always had a soft spot for Japanese performance cars haven’t you...

That is true — but I have also always been interested by those massive American fuel guzzlers and German sportscars what with all their tech too.

I’ve owned a Honda Integra (with a Type R engine), Mitsubishi Colt (with a Evo 3 AWS conversion), Mitsubishi Evolution 3,6,7,8 and 9, Toyota Supra and Soarer, Audi RS6, BMW 330, Merc E63 and a Jeep SRT8.


That’s an impressive list. What’s been the most fun?

They were all fabulous to drive in their own way but I recently had the chance to test a Tesla Model S. Now, as fascinating as it was, I must say that it isn’t on my wish list yet.

I would, on the other hand, love to own a tuned up Lamborghini Aventador someday!