Welcome back to My Wheels, Heba. The last time we saw you, you had a really eye-catching Mustang with a brilliant paint job. Give us an update on the Ford, is it still turning heads?

I am so happy to be back and yes my Mustang is still turning heads especially since I added more carbon fibre parts to it and the paint — which I just had touched up a little — still makes it stand out.

In fact, I was thrilled to be invited to join the Gulf Car Festival on the red carpet, but sadly I could not attend because I was out of town.


That’s a pity, but we’re sure you’ll be invited next time! Did you ever get those long-tube headers and wide body kit that you had mentioned earlier?

Yes, I bought the long tube headers and the Fibreglass Mafia wide body kit (everything is in my storage room!) but I am yet to buy the new bigger 20in wheels to fit my new fender flares. This is my plan for next year.


Is it still providing you with lots of thrills?

Driving a muscle car is an unmatchable experience. I love my Mustang because it is built not bought. It is still my baby.


You love American muscle cars, but now you have added an Italian exotic to the fleet. Tell us about your Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder…

I woke up one day with an epiphany to own a supercar. And for me, there was only once choice — a Lamborghini.

It’s a 2013 model and has a 5.2-litre V10 and can do 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds and has a max speed of 320kph. It is my first V10 performance car, and the thrill of driving it and the sound of the upshift and especially the downshift is on another level!

I tested a Ferrari California and Audi R8 V10 but none afforded as big a thrill as the Gallardo. When you floor the throttle it literally pins you back in the seat. It’s such an adrenaline rush. I drive it in Corsa mode only which unleashes the full potential of that V10 and it is such a blast. I never use the Sport or Automatic modes — they’re too boring.


It’s a real surprise to the system when jumping from a wild Mustang to a rampaging Bull…

Yes it is a major leap on every level from the technology, the ride and of course the performance. You can’t compare the two and I’d never choose between them — I love both these cars.

It was quite a shock not finding a regular gearbox in my Lambo after driving cars for over 15 years with a gear lever but I am used to the E-Gear now — however it was strange at first to use my left hand to push a button to select Reverse!

The interior is a bit cramped for a tall girl like me, and the tiny trunk barely has room for my purse and although my family prefer Ferraris I am so happy I opted for a Lamborghini.


It was already a very eye-catching car but you have taken that up by quite a few notches! What made you go for a chrome pink wrap?

The car was originally finished in a dark blue (Blu Fontus) paint with a beige interior and as you are already aware I don’t leave my cars in stock condition and since I don’t like dark colours either I was always going to spruce it up. After I got all the relevant approvals from the traffic authorities, I had it wrapped in Super Chrome Hot Pink and brushed Fuchsia.

The interior has also been trimmed with pure Chrome Fuchsia. I then had the wheels painted black (with the brake callipers painted gold to match the Lambo logo) and then had the taillights tinted and got myself a customised key too! The transformation took about two weeks.

Like I said, I love both my cars equally but since I bought my Gallardo only a month back, I am still overwhelmed by the power of this car. It makes me wonder how a V12 would feel like!


Which one draws more attention?

That’s hard to tell; on one hand the Gallardo is so rare and when you do see one it is usually driven by a guy not a girl and certainly doesn’t have an exterior as bright as mine! So when people see me in this car there is a moment of disbelief on their faces and then they smile and start to take photos of the car.

On the other hand, my highly modified Mustang gets a lot of attention for being so unconventional.


Final question — which one do you enjoy driving more?

Well, the Gallardo is most enjoyable on the track. I need to floor it to get all of the power potential out of this car but I do not enjoy driving it in the city so much and not at all in crowded areas. The Mustang is far easier to drive however, to date, the Lambo has been my daily drive to work and for all of my errands.  That’s how much I am enjoying it. I keep dreaming of waking up early to get to sit in the car and drive it. The cold start is music to my ears.

I plan to boost the output and change the exhaust but these modifications are pricey and I need time to save up. In the immediate future, I’ll be getting a rear spoiler to give it an even sportier and aggressive look.