Welcome to wheels Lewis! How did your passion for cars begin?

It’s great to be featured in the magazine — I have been a fan ever since I moved to Dubai from the UK 13 years ago!

My passion initially sparked when my father rebuilt a 2004 Yamaha R1. Yes that’s a bike but it got me interested in anything running on petrol!

I then began watching Top Gear on the telly religiously with him and that’s where I steered more towards cars. My first car was a 2011 Ford Mustang, and it was just what I always wanted. I remember the day I found it online and falling in love with the aftermarket rims and just three weeks later my dad surprised me by buying it for me!


That was nice of him! What happened to the car? Sold it? Still own it?

Even though I really liked that car, I sold it because I wanted a car with a manual gearbox.


Moving on to your current collection — which are all blue — yet you are an Arsenal FC fan and the Gunners of course wear red; does that bother you?

I’ve come to terms with that! People often ask me if I would ever consider repainting them but I wouldn’t do that, I think they look great in this colour.


Good decision. Ok, tell us about the 911 Carrera S and just how thrilling it is to drive…

This Porsche really is something special. The unreal amount of power thrown into the rear wheels is mind blowing. It has the Sport Chrono package and one of the perks of this is that it basically gives you 10 seconds of the car’s full and unrestricted power! There are a few little accents that we painted black just to make it stand out a little and overall it’s a brilliant car with sublime handling. In spite of its terrific performance, my favourite thing about the car is the Miami Blue paint!


It looks great. Tell us about ‘Lola’ — your awesome Stage 3 fully tuned 2016 Focus ST and all of the work that has gone into this car from start to finish…

A lot of time, money and effort has gone into this build. I joined the Ford Focus ST UAE Club around February last year and was amazed by what they had achieved.

Since then, I have upgraded my exhaust, intercooler, downpipe as well as added an accessport by Cobb Tuning to play with the ECU.

It’s now sitting on 302 horses and my aim is to reach 400 by end of this year.


Why do you call it Lola?

No particular reason really; one night my friends and I were messing around with potential names and someone shouted ‘Lola’ and it just stuck!


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It’s not quite finished yet is it?

No, I’m waiting on some parts to arrive such as a full wide body kit, custom steering wheel from SS Tuning who are based in Ukraine, new intercooler as well as ongoing research on replacing my turbo! I’m also getting a unique rear bumper fabricated in the UK as we speak.

I drive this one during the week and attend all track related club events with it too. If anyone has an ST and isn’t part of the club they should definitely join! My Ford got me into trouble once when I was leaving a dinner party with some friends who asked me to rev the engine and show them how loud it is. But just as I dabbed the throttle a few times, my poor grandmother walked behind the car and my amazing friends didn’t tell me!

Needless to say the sound scared her and she hit me over the head with her handbag! She laughed it off later though!


Last but not least, the Macan GTS. What made you opt for this?

My mum wanted something that she felt safe in and I must say no other German SUV sounds anywhere near as good as this one does. It’s also the only Voodoo Blue Macan GTS in the GCC. My parents usually like to take it for long drives to Abu Dhabi and it comes in very handy too when they’re on airport duty collecting family and friends. It is ever so practical and comfortable not to mention very fast too.


What do your friends make of them?

They love them — and our neighbours think we’re the Smurfs because all three cars are blue! I don’t particularly think they are fans of their exhausts though…


Any other cars on the horizon?

Absolutely but I am so indecisive... I would love to buy a classic Jeep or Mustang or something Japanese to drive sideways in! My dream car is a Nissan Skyline R34. But I’d happily take a Toyota Supra too!


Wouldn’t we all! Finally, is it true that you’ve had a ride in the Batmobile from the Dark Knight? You must be best pals with Christopher Nolan!

I’m not at liberty to say who it belongs to but yes, I did get to have a ride in the original Batmobile from the movie and it was by far the best thing I’ve ever been in. It had so much power and even more sound — it was the most amazing experience.

But, I won’t forget the Land Rover Discovery we bought which was fully kitted out for off-roading and camping but after just one visit to the desert my mother — who isn’t the most outdoorsy of people — made such a fit and forced us to all go home! So we ended up getting rid of the Disco as it clearly wasn’t going to get much use!


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