Welcome back to wheels, Mohamed. The last time we saw you was way back in issue 404 when you were roaring around in a massive Hummer H2. You have since sold it — any reason why?

It is really good to be back in the magazine after such a long time.

I miss those days with my Hummer. I remember people would stop me to take pictures whenever I would drive it and it also won several awards at various car shows. I also miss how I used to struggle with parking it and often taking up a couple of spaces because of its sheer size…


Very funny…

No, I don’t miss that bit about it at all, it wasn’t the most practical of vehicles but honestly speaking, I miss everything else about it, the aggressive looks, loud exhaust note and powerful engine.

I was made an offer that I couldn’t refuse by a lady who wanted to gift it to her son, so I am sure it’s in good hands but if I get an opportunity to buy another one, I will do.


Now you have a GMC Sierra. Why did you opt for a truck?

I have always loved trucks. Since the last time I appeared in wheels, a lot has changed.

After selling the H2, I got a Land Cruiser with a 4.0-litre V6 and have been off-roading for two years now. However, I felt the Toyota was a bit heavy and slightly underpowered — I wanted something more powerful and lighter to take on more challenging dunes.

My Sierra is an all-rounder; it’s powerful and very comfortable. You get the best of both worlds with it and it’s proving to be terrific off the beaten track.

Before I bought it I had two other trucks in mind — the Ford Raptor and Chevrolet Silverado. The Raptor was much bigger while the Chevy was never really my thing but the Sierra was perfect. It’s fast, powerful and very reliable.


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Do you find it easier to drive than the H2?

Yes it’s much easier especially off-road as the Hummer used to feel heavier and cumbersome due its size.

My Sierra is a single cab and this makes it easier for me to handle. It is pure joy, it has very good torque for its size and makes a lot of noise thanks to the custom Corsa performance exhaust. I love revving the engine any chance I get! My friends and I love it, but I’m not so sure about my family or indeed my neighbours...

It’s my daily driver and I love taking it to the desert every weekend. It has a lot a power and climbs dunes effortlessly thanks to its 5.3-litre V8 which is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. It produces a healthy 360 horsepower and 519Nm of torque.


You plan to customize it further — what are you going to do?

Yes I will — I am planning on giving it a serious facelift soon. I want to remove the factory bumpers and add off-road bumpers that I will be custom fabricating and I wish to upgrade the air intake. This, on top of the work I’ve already done to it — the Corsa Performance exhaust, flared fenders, racing stripes and blacked out rims — will really make it stand out.


Sounds good, let us know how you get on with that. Remind us how your passion for motoring began?

Growing up in the UAE, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to cars as we have literally everything here so I was always going to become a petrol head. So they have always been my thing.

My first one was a 2008 Honda Civic which was economical and practical and never gave me any issues — but I always wanted something more powerful and sporty.

To date, the best thing I have ever driven would have to be the Audi R8 and the McLaren 570 GT. What a thrill they both were!


Is your dream car still the Aventador SV Roadster?

It sure is. I love that Lamborghini. Someday it will be mine!


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