Welcome to wheels, Russell! That’s a gorgeous C10 pickup you’ve got — tell us about your classic Chevy…

It’s great to be in the magazine, thanks for the opportunity!

I have always been a large-vehicle man, as an artist and sculptor, I need to be able to carry materials, equipment, and tools. So, having a vehicle in which I may carry ‘stuff’ is very essential for me. I like pickup trucks for this reason, and they just seem to fit my character.

I was looking for a 1958 Apache pickup truck when I found this ’60 model and just knew it was the right truck for me. The classic and rare ‘Frankenstein’ hood instantly won me over. I bought it from a dealer in Texas and had it shipped here in 2015.


We absolutley love it! This isn’t your first classic truck either…

No, I have had several before it. I had a 1980 Chevy Silverado extended cab pickup and a very nice 1966 GMC Fleetside pickup here in Abu Dhabi which I sold last year after I had purchased my current Apache C10.


That ’66 sounds like it was a beauty too. This Chevy looks like a lot of fun to drive…

It really is a lot of fun, in fact driving a classic vehicle in general is a blast. I love driving something that is basically a one of a kind vehicle, it’s not a cookie-cutter vehicle, of which you may see 30 to 40 a day like a Nissan Patrol. So, of course it attracts a certain amount of attention and lots of approval. People give me the thumbs up, wave, point at it, smile and ask about the truck. It is certainly a way to start up a conversation with complete strangers, and I have met many people who I would otherwise not meet because they asked me about the truck, and that is something I welcome.


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Best of all, this isn’t a garage queen…

Not at all, I drive it daily too from home to University for work and also take it to Musaffah for material runs, and I also take the kids out for weekend rides.

My youngest son Ibraheem loves the car the most. He has asked me; “when you can no longer drive, can I drive the truck and take you around?” I’d love that — but it’ll be a long while before I relinquish the keys!

It has a Chevy 350 V8 crate engine, which is a replacement from the standard inline six-cylinder engine.

Since I purchased it I have replaced all the electrical components, added new disc rear brakes and given it an all new custom interior. Now, I would say this unique truck fits my character.


We wish you have many years of happy motoring with it. Tell us how your passion for motoring began?

It began as a young boy, I had a collection of Corgi diecast toy cars, and I was always playing with small cars, including making cars and trucks out of Lego.

Strangely enough, it was my mother that influenced me with regards to cars, she drove us kids everywhere, and she did so in great style; she wore a nice hat and even had driving gloves!


That’s the way to do it! What was your first car?

It was a 1971 Saab 99LE, it was my parents’ car, and I drove it while in high school, and then later owned it when my parents gifted it to me in college. The Saab was not a car brand that most people knew about, and I was often asked about its funny shape and strange ignition location!

My parents had only owned Saabs and Volvos, with the exception of a 1964 Volkswagen 21 window deluxe bus!

I have also owned a 1962 Ford Falcon window van, which I drove from Minnesota to Washington on the way to graduate school. I sold it in Seattle to a young guy who was going to be driving to Costa Rica, Central America with it.

I then bought a 1970 VW bus, which I drove from Seattle WA, to Skowhegan ME via Canada, and then back to Washington State through the Southern US.

I also had an all-wheel drive Astro Van, which I reluctantly sold. It was the perfect transport vehicle.


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Finally, what is your dream ride?

I have a few — a 1958 Apache Fleetside pickup, 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider, a 1966 Pontiac GTO and last but not least a Sixties Jaguar E-Type.