Welcome to wheels Alex. The GT-R, as is well known, is very fast indeed — however, yours looks even faster than that, would that be right?

It’s great to be in the magazine and yes, that would be right! In stock form these cars have 550 horses but mine is pushing out 808! I’ve had a lot done to it for it to get to this figure.


No kidding! Enlighten us

When I bought the car it was completely stock and finished in red. Two weeks later I had added the Alpha 6 performance package which made it even more of a handful. A couple of months after this I upgraded to the Alpha 7 and then Alpha 7 Plus package!

Then I upgraded the turbos and it really awoke the VR38DETT 3.8-litre V6. It also has a racing cooling kit, race spec brakes and I have given it a partial suspension upgrade too.


It’s got the show to match the go too…

Sure has; it has Multiple CF panels, a GT CF wing, Top Secret lip and canards and the interior has some upgrades too the best of which is a one-off custom made double CF steering wheel and larger paddles.

I am currently in talks with a new shop in Dubai to design a CF vented bonnet for me and a couple of aero mods are on the way from Germany as we speak.

However, the most important upgrade this year will be the engine, pistons, heads, cams etc which should net me an extra 200 wheel horsepower. It should be great fun!


Over 1,000 horses! You’ll be leaving everyone behind on the track on a regular basis…

There are not many cars that are able to keep up with it on the track. It sure comes to life out there and that is where it belongs.

With every lap I learn something new about my car and also improve my capabilities, finding the right braking points, learning the proper racing line. It is all highly addictive stuff.


What is it like on the road?

It is my daily driver for now, but since it is a heavily modified car, it needs regular visits to the workshops to keep it ticking over nicely. I like to keep it in top shape so that I can do as much track days as possible.

In the winter season I do about two or three track days a month. This month it will have done five. Away from the track I do really enjoy driving up Kalba and Jebel Jais, they are very enjoyable roads and in this car you get such a rush of adrenaline. But when you just want to cruise it happily does this and feels like a big comfy saloon. And then you put your foot down and the hair on the back of my neck stand up!


Have you always liked the GT-R/Skyline?

Yes, like most JDM fans I have always admired Godzilla; they have always had a certain something about them.

Since 2009 when I first saw the R35 I knew I had to get one. I love that it has four-wheel drive, a twin-turbo V6 and a lightning fast transmission. I was looking for a manual high powered car with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive but manual cars in Dubai are pretty rare. I would have loved the brand new Porsche GT4 in Miami Blue but they didn’t have any in stock, and I didn’t want to wait several months for it.

Anyway, I am really proud of my GT-R which attracts a lot of attention. This was a little weird at first but now I enjoy seeing people doing the “double take” and staring at mine while it goes by.

I built this car for myself but receiving acknowledgment from others does fill me with pride. The thing I love most about it is its power. It is intoxicating.


The small license plate looks good — but it came at a cost, literally…

That’s right! When I got the car I was waiting for the smaller license plate and in the meantime I had the regular sized one mounted inside the cabin on the dashboard.

It was holding fine for a while but one night I decided to try launch control which proved to be so ferocious that the plate flew off and smacked me on the head. I have a little scar now but it is a good reminder that this car can be dangerous!


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What do your family and friends make of it?

My parents call my car their daughter in-law and most of my friends are petrolheads, so I get a lot of support and ideas from hem.

I am also a member of the Ninth Degree Car Club. It’s a club that was founded slightly over a year ago and it consists of a certain selection of supercars. We have multiple gatherings every month, a lot of exclusive track days and drives. There are lots of sponsors involved with the club who provide us with amazing opportunities and deals.


Tell us about your first car, a 1997 Golf GTI VR6…

It was a Drivers Edition painted Ginster Yellow. I had the entire Neuspeed catalogue delivered before even having the car in my garage! That was a great car but the best thing I have ever driven has to be my friend’s Radical, it has the same engine as the new Ford GT but tuned and in a car that weighs almost nothing. I have never felt cornering speed like this before.


Finally, what is your dream car?

My dream car would be a 20b 3rotor turbo FD RX7 in full GT3 specs. But I would settle for a McLaren Senna.


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