Welcome to wheels, Jad! Before we get to your two beautiful black Italian stallions, tell us tell us what your company Idealz does?

Good question! Right then, for anyone who loves cars, I’ll start off by saying that Idealz is soon to become your favourite App. My co-founder, Easa Al Gurg, and I wanted to reimagine the online shopping experience. We created an online store that fit the philosophy of wanting the finer things in life without having to wait for them.

To cut a long story short, if you buy one of my hoodies you may find yourself driving the car of your dreams sooner than you expected.


Hang on a moment, I think I’m having one of my dizzy spells… For a moment there, I thought you said I could drive away with the car of my dreams if I bought a hoodie…

That’s exactly what I’m telling you. Of course, sportcars are the headline acts but it doesn’t stop with them — there are exclusive number plates too and you can also win a wide range of luxury watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Richard Mille. 


Ok, ok — what’s the catch?

There’s literally no strings attached and every campaign we run is regulated and overseen by the DE (Dubai Economy).

Just imagine buying a t-shirt online and then being handed the keys to a new Mercedes — that’s Idealz.


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No, that’s incredible! While I let that sink in, tell us about some of the supercars that you have owned…

I have owned nearly 40 sport and supercars in my life — so far.

In one sense, you might say I’ve been lucky, but it’s amazing how hard you have to work to be ‘lucky’. The cars range from a Mini Cooper JCW S to this Ferrari F12 and literally everything in between — Bulls and Horses mainly. Some of the noteworthy models include a previous Ferrari 599GTB, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Ferrari F430, a Ferrari California, a Lamborghini LP560-4 and LP550-2 Spyder, two Audi R8 V10s (and one R8 V8), a Porsche Carrera S and Cayenne GTS, a Mercedes SL63 and a G63 and a Maserati Gran Turismo Stradale. Amongst others…


Your favourite is the 599 GTB and you bought your first one in 2010, right?

Yes that’s right — it had zero clicks on the clock too. Not much out there can compare to a naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12, rear wheel, front engine 600bhp car with little to no electronic interference.

When I bought it, I asked a collector friend of mine what he thought of the car. His answer was that it’s the only horse Ferrari makes that’ll bite if you try and test its limits.

You’ve probably guessed but I love the Ferrari brand. Over the years, their cars have become more and more dependable and driver friendly. They are well built and rarely go wrong and if they do go wrong, it’s usually because the owner hasn’t taken good care of it.


It’s not the same one we see you pictured with though is it?

Nope, I sold that one a year later to buy the 458 Italia and I regretted doing so the second it left my garage. It took me six long years of searching the globe until I finally found and bought my current one.

It’s very hard to find a low millage 599. My latest is a 2012 GCC spec model with 1,000km on the clock and it has been dipped black because I wanted it to look like my first one. I think the 599 is still one of the best-looking cars out there even though it has been over a decade since it was launched. I think it’s a lot less flashy in black than the previous colour which was red. I don’t think a lot of people appreciate the 599 in terms of its ability and craftsmanship. For me, it’s one of the prettiest and best built cars Ferrari have ever made. A detuned Enzo engine in an everyday cruiser. What could be better?

My wife thinks it is loud and uncomfortable especially after I fitted the Tubi exhaust system on the car. I would have to agree with her on the loud part…


You’re doing your utmost to keep the mileage down aren’t you…

Yes, and it is proving very hard but as difficult as it is to accept, this 599 isn’t for driving. It would be a shame to rack up the miles on it. Its uniqueness is in its model year and low mileage. I’m hoping to keep it under 3,000 kilometres just driving it to get serviced and back for a couple of years.

However I do drive my F12 Berlinetta on a daily basis. I love that in spite of it packing more than 700bhp you can drive it every day and not have to worry about it overheating, especially with our weather.

As you can see, both the 599 and the F12 are black and have the same license plate, that being my wife’s birthday (February 19th). A lot of people, including my wife, can’t tell which one is which until they get in. To the untrained eye I guess…


Ok, before I go and buy that hoodie, tell us what your dream car is?

That is not an easy one to answer, I like a lot of cars however, I’d have to say… the LaFerrari.


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