Welcome to wheels magazine Mohamad! You love to keep fit and pump some iron at the gym, this is one of your passions isn’t it...

Thank you for featuring me in the magazine, it is an honour! I never miss an issue and have told all of my family and friends to be sure to pick up this particular copy!

With regards to working out, yes, that is correct — I love it. This isn’t just a passion of mine — it is a way of life for me. I believe a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and with all the stress out there in our daily lives, you need some way of releasing this in a controlled and safe environment and for me, it is the gym. I love to workout daily to keep in top physical and mental shape. I not only lift weights but I also love boxing and CrossFit. The latter is really tough but you know what they say — no pain no gain!


Well we certainly wouldn’t want to pick a fight with you, you’d be able to beat us with just one hand! But, we love it that you not only like to flex your muscles — you also own one of the coolest muscle cars ever made! Tell us about your 1979 Trans Am...

My Trans Am is my baby. I love this car as much as I love the gym and nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than jumping in and driving home after a solid workout. It is such a sweet ride and it complements my personality perfectly; I’ve been told I am a rather muscular guy and so is my Pontiac. It would be a little strange for a big guy like me being seen in a small city runabout, that just wouldn’t work! I probably wouldn’t fit very well, but my Pontiac is ideal for me on so many levels.


These second-generation Firebirds were the best looking of all, they oozed style and charisma and even though they were produced during the oil crisis years, they still had decent performance...

That’s right, for instance, mine has more than enough power to spin the wheels even in second gear. It has plenty of low end torque and is so much fun to cruise around in. It has a 403 V8 which was actually an Oldsmobile engine but back in the Seventies, the two brands — which were both owned by General Motors — used to share engines and transmissions. I know the purists would prefer a Pontiac with a Pontiac V8 but to be honest there wasn’t that much of a difference in terms of performance.

My 6.6-litre runs very strong, is very smooth and isn’t as bad on fuel as some think. It’s very similar to most modern day muscle cars in terms of efficiency. It is mated to a slick three-speed automatic transmission which shifts is able to cope with the big motors demands without a hitch.

I love putting my foot down and enjoying the power — this is really what these cars were made for, it’s a muscle car and it still has plenty of muscle under that large bonnet.


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Speaking of the bonnet, I love the phoenix decal. No Firebird is complete without one of these...

It definitely adds to the car’s character. In fact, that bird is presented no less than 8 times — it literally is all over the car!


And it has t-tops too. Hope you’re making the most of the good weather...

Oh I sure am; it is so much fun driving around with the roof off in this classic, not just because it is so pleasant what with the cool breeze entering the cabin — but I can also hear the roar of the exhaust that much better!


Speaking of which, you can’t miss those massive tailpipes! What happened to the original tips?

I’m not too sure, this is how I bought the car. It probably doesn’t need these huge outlets as the car has so much presence without them but I do love the roar they emit when I crank the engine. But I wouldn’t change a thing about my ride. It gets so much attention when I take it out and about, everyone wants to take photos of it and I am more than happy to comply. It’s nice to see that this car doesn’t just make me happy but other people too.


It really is a beauty and we wish you years of happy motoring with it. Finally, what is your dream car?

Apart for this Trans Am, I would say a classic Mustang fastback.