Welcome to wheels, Mustafa! That’s a mean looking Charger you’ve got there — it looks like something the Hulk would drive! Tell us about your Dodge…

Thanks — it’s great to be featured in the best car magazine in the UAE!

My Charger R/T has a large 5.7-litre V8 and bright green exterior and I have nicknamed it the Monster Bee so yes, I guess the Hulk would like this car!

I was heavily influenced by the Fast And Furious movie and set about customizing my Dodge in a similar style as the cars in the hit flick. I bought mine four years ago and let my mum drive it out of the showroom, it was one of the most blessed days of my life.

After about one week of ownership, I knew it was the car I had always dreamed of.


It wasn’t your first choice — what other models were you considering…

I was confused between it and the Challenger however I opted for the Charger because of its more muscular appearance, its extra features and also with it being a saloon it was more practical than the Challenger too.

I just cannot express in words how much fun my car is to drive especially after all of the modifications I have made to it.


Tell us what you have had done to it...

Well, I started by improving the output of the V8 and installed a Weapon-R air intake which definitely felt like it added several more horses. The throttle response feels a lot sharper now because of this along with Diablo Sport’s in Tune i3 Performance Programmer which proved an easy way to boost power and torque. I added a new exhaust system which allowed the motor to breathe more easily, and stickier performance tyres to improve grip.

After this I got the Performance Pages App which allows me to monitor performance by providing access to real-time information including timers such as 0 to 100kph elapsed time, G-force, gauges, and engine performance. It makes driving my car even more fun and engaging as I know exactly what is going on.


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And then you focused your attention on the exterior…

Yes, once I was happy with the performance side of things, I decided to concentrate on the changing the looks of my car.

The original colour when I bought it was grey and my intention was to change it to blue. However, the shade that I wanted was not available and so my friend suggested to go for green and black instead. I wasn’t sure at first but then decided to go ahead with it and gave my car to a garage to change the colour. I stayed away while they worked on it as I wanted to see it all finished and when I finally did see it, I was thrilled with the new look! The Monster Bee decals set it all off nicely. Then I added wheel spacers on the front and back to give the car a wider stance, installed Demon Eye Halo Headlights, illuminated R/T logo inside the grille and a front lip.

As for the interior, I got the Monster Bee logo stitched into the backrests, added a chrome Mopar T handle gear lever, aluminium racing pedals and a new Pioneer sound system.


You have done a great job on it — but it is not finished yet; what is next on the horizon?

Thank you. Well, I do have quite a lot of different things planned including a racing suspension with a lower ride height, more aggressive front lip, neon lights, louder exhaust but most of all I want to add a supercharger to the V8.

As it stands, it gets a lot of nice comments from everyone — they’re always scrambling for their mobile phones to get snaps of it as I roll by. I always slow down to give them a chance — in fact, I get a real thrill when people appreciate the hard work I have put into creating my Charger. It makes me feel happy and I am really proud of my car.

I only drive it twice a week and usually like to head to Jebal Jais and other mountainous areas with it.


We wish you years of happy motoring with it. Tell us how your passion for motoring began and about your first car…

I have loved cars since childhood; my father would to take me to showrooms and I started developing an interest in cars from there.

After just four days of getting my license in 2008, I bought a brand new, top spec Toyota Corolla. It was newly launched actually. I bought the Corolla because my father forced me to get a reliable and fuel efficient car which I believe was a good decision. But, I wasn’t going to keep it stock; on the same day that I bought it I took it to a customizing garage where I changed the interior and exterior and got a pretty good sound system too. After this, I felt like I was driving a Rolls-Royce instead of a Corolla!


Ha! Finally, what is the best car you have ever driven?

A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador — but my dream car is the Dodge Challenger Demon.


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