Welcome to wheels, Kiran. We love your bright red, single cab Silverado! Tell us about it…

It’s wonderful to be featured in the magazine, I have been a petrolhead since I was born, so thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Well, it was actually an impulsive decision to get the Silverado after seeing some Baja race videos.

I stopped at a Chevy showroom and was attracted to the facelifted model. I took it for a test drive and was very impressed by the immense throttle response and the torque and obviously its looks. It had a great road presence.

I was considering a Toyota Tundra at the same time but since they’re not available from the agency, I opted for the Chevy and I am very glad that I did.


It’s a lot of fun to drive isn’t it…

Definitely — it has so much power (it’s always spinning the wheels while exiting from a signal/junction!) and I have been driving it mostly on my weekends during my off-roading trips.

It really feels at home on the sand and climbing all the dunes but it is equally at home on the highway. It has 5.3-litre V8 that produces 340 horses which is great for a single cabin pick-up; it feels like you’re riding on just the engine as the weight of the truck is comparatively lower to some similar sized SUVs.


It’s been customized a fair bit — tell us about all of the work that you’ve had done to it…

It has a King 3.0in lift kit with adjustable shocks on the front and rear with a triple bypass suspension and Deaver U182 12 leaf springs.

This extra ground clearance really makes a difference off the beaten path, I am able to push the truck even deeper in the desert and it never gets bogged down.

I also added 17in Method beadlock wheels with negative 38 offset wrapped with 33in Cooper tyres, Bestline custom bumpers and Diode Dynamics amber lights for night time off-road trips.

To finish it all off, it has a rumbly Borla exhaust on it so if (somehow) people don’t see it coming, they’ll certainly hear it!


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That they will! What else do you have planned for it?

There are a couple of things which I want to add to it to make it more camper-friendly, I plan to add a tent on the bed and an ARB air-compressor.


That’ll be great but as it stands you’re pretty proud of this truck, aren’t you?

Yes, I am very proud to have this, especially when I see people gather around it and take photos! It has even been featured twice on Chevrolet Arabia’s Instagram account!

However, due to the lack of weight at the back, it can be rather bumpy on the road and of course parking in cramped areas is a nightmare! I haven’t had any mechanical issues with this big guy but since it is a single cab it isn’t the most practical — the entire family doesn’t fit inside — but then again it was my personal choice to have the single cabin, and I love it!

My three-year-old daughter loves it too and is always keen to take a ride in the “red truck” as she calls it.

It comes in very handy too when friends and family need help in moving furniture — it’s great to be able to assist them with my truck.

Generally speaking, I love everything about this truck from its explosive power, aggressive looks and all the tech such as the MyLink infotainment system. It stands out just a little more than my first car ever did which was a 1996 Honda Civic!


What is your dream car?

I would love to own a Mercedes G 63 AMG. I have always been facsinated by its rugged and classic retro looks.


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