Welcome back to wheels for a third time, John! Before we get to your gorgeous 1969 Buick, tell us how your awesome 1962 Cadillac Coupe Deville and 1973 Plymouth Duster are…

It’s great to be back again! On the Caddie, I have recently added a pair of bigger compressors to the air ride which has made a huge difference as they fill the tank much quicker than the small ones. I might add another tank in the trunk over the summer and possibly have the gearbox overhauled. Apart from that, it’s just been a lot of cleaning and general maintenance including the disc brake conversion and the addition of a Willwood master cylinder that has made it a lot better to drive.

As for the Duster, I sold that one a few weeks ago. I had too many cars and only one garage!


You should have just got another garage — that was a great car!

It was a lot of fun but the new owner can enjoy burner some rubber with it now!


Well you’ve sure brightened up our day with your cool second generation La Sabre Wildcat. Tell us about it…

I’ve had this about three years now, I actually found it in Texas. I got it from a guy who had owned it for 17 years. In fact when my friend in the USA went to look it over for me, we had to tell him it was going to Mississippi as he would not sell it to me for export, he was that attached to the car!


Let’s hope he doesn’t somehow come across this feature! What’s it like to drive?

It actually drives really well, it’s a big cruiser and very powerful. It does wallow a bit around corners as you would expect, but it is lovely and smooth down the straights. Compared to the Caddie, it’s a lot quicker off the line but not as mad as the Duster was though. The A/C is a bonus though and stays cool with the top up.

I probably don’t drive it as often as I should as when the garage door opens its next to the Caddie and she comes first! It hasn’t given me many problems — the main one was when the fuel got very low and some dirt and rust particles clogged the carb, that was interesting though as it has a Quadrajet carb which are very complicated inside but once I did that it had even more power.

As for parts my parents got me some bits and pieces in the USA, plugs and points and filters. But I’ve never had any serious problems to report.


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Long may that good run continue. It has a big V8 under the bonnet and still makes a lot of power doesn’t it…

It sure does; the 7.2-litre V8 is mated to a TH 400 transmission (with a column shifter) it can fry the tyres when you stomp on the throttle and the kick down is quite impressive too.


It used to be silver but the new orange paint looks superb, especially when it catches the sun. It’s a real beauty and must turn a few heads when you’re out and about with it… what sort of reaction does it get from people?

That’s right it was silver but the paint was getting a bit dull and me and my dad decided it could do with an update as it didn’t really stand out in silver with the black top.

So we looked at colours and found a picture of a 1970 Buick GS stage 1 that was painted especially for the launch at a motor show. It was actually called Firmest Pearl that was specially mixed I didn’t really want a pearl paint job as flat colours are more in keeping with the time, so we found an Audi colour that matched pretty well.

Then we had a new top installed that I had to carry back from the UK as the American vendor would not ship to Dubai. But all in all, it was worth the effort and hassle, people love it and always stop to ask questions about it.


Any plans to customize, modify or update anything about it?

The only thing I’m trying to do is sell it to make space for my Chevrolet C10 that I am working on...


We would love to welcome you back for a fourth time so you can show us that pick-up; how’s it coming along and how long before it’s all done?

It’s getting there I’m just rebuilding the brakes and rewiring it at my workshop. It won’t be long before it’s all done and when it is good and ready, I’ll let you know!