Welcome to wheels, Vinay. Your Challenger looks seriously mean! Tell us about your awesome Dodge…

It’s a pleasure to be in wheels! Dodge is my love but I have to be honest and say that never thought I would ever own such a beast in my life.

I became a fan of the brand after watching Fast and Furious. My very first car was a Chevrolet Lumina SS and as I had grown used to the big powerful saloon I was considering buying the Charger. However, when I first laid eyes on the Challenger R/T at the showroom, I knew I had to have it. I had a test drive and fell in love with the car. I put a deposit down in July 2015 for a limited edition colour called Phantom Black with a red interior and I drove it away six months later on October 27th at 6pm!


You were considering other cars before you bought this one right?

Yes I was pretty close to getting a Mustang or Camaro and I test drove both but they couldn’t match the muscular look of the Challenger and didn’t have as nice an interior as it.


It’s been heavily customized — tell us everything that you have had done to it...

I have been busy working on it from the moment I drove the car home from the showroom.

The first thing I did was to get the grille, wheels and everything else that was originally chrome completely blacked out.

I drove it for a week and again I wanted to more mods so I started researching more possible ways to update it. During this time I decided to name the car ‘Phantom’ and had a logo and decals designed for it.

Then came the serious work; I added a new front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser which totally transformed the exterior. I then went one step further by giving it a wide body look by adding side scoops while the rear window louver gives it an aggressive touch. I also changed the stock DRL LED daytime lights to Diode Dynamics RGBW LED lights and since the Hellcat is my dream ride I changed the stock bonnet for a Hellcat hood! Now I am always fooling people into thinking I have a Challenger Hellcat!


And then you decided to give it some go to match the show…

That’s right so in came some performance parts such as a K&N intake, Borla exhaust, Mopar lowering springs, HnR spacers, Mopar strut bar for better stability, AFE throttle body spacer and pedal commander for improved throttle response. This sure made a world of difference to the performance.


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What else do you have in store for it?

Modifications are an addiction and I have a never ending list!

I am planning to change the wheels and most probably I’ll be getting BC forged two piece alloys with wide tyres. Then maybe I’ll bag it with an Airlift Performance Suspension kit.

I have other plans pertaining to the performance as well such as upgrading the V8 with a supercharger. It won’t quite reach the Hellcat’s output but it’d be close!


Let us know how you get on with that! It must turn heads everywhere you go with it…

It leaves people with their mouths gaping and wide-eyed! They’re always asking if they can take photos of it and want to know about all of the work I have done to it. It gets a lot of attention and plenty of compliments too and this makes me feel good.

Recently it was featured in Bollywood singer Guru Randhawa’s music video for his song ‘Lahore’ and this was the proudest moment of my life. The song has millions of views on YouTube and my car is becoming very well known — it’s a bit of a celebrity car now! In fact, many people recognize it from the music video. I used to read the comments online and many were about my car which made me feel very proud.


Wow, good for you! What do your family and friends make of it?

My dad is the biggest fan of it as he too likes cars and my mother and my wife have been very supportive of my passion. Most of my friends own similar kinds of cars and whenever we meet we talk about all the mods we did and have planned. Many other friends call me Hardcore Dodger!


There’s plenty to appreciate about it but what do you like most about your car?

The thing that I like most about it is the sound of the exhaust and the power that it possesses. The V8 is mated to an eight-speed auto and it makes 345 horses I Love taking it for long drives — it’s both sporty and yet very comfortable too.

I tend to only drive on the weekends (my daily driver is a Pajero and since I am an off-road enthusiast, my Mitsubishi is ideal for tackling rough roads and trails) with other members of several car clubs which is always good fun. I must say I am very proud and very happy to own this beast and whenever I look at it I can’t help but smile.


Finally, what is your dream car?

For sheer performance, I love the Challenger Hellcat and Nissan GT-R Nismo but I also love other models from other segments. In SUVs it’s the Nissan Patrol and Jeep SRT Trackhawk and in trucks it’s the Ford F150 Raptor.


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