Welcome to wheels, Alvin. What got you interested in cars?

Thanks for featuring me and my ride in the magazine!

It all started when I first came to the UAE in 2004 and just outside my house was parked a brand new Mustang. I instantly fell in love with that car and continued to develop my passion towards vehicles, not only for muscle cars but for exotics too, ever since.

But, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my very first car which was a Tiida. The many road trips with my friends in that Nissan are memories that I will always cherish — and I’ll never forget the drive I had in a 2016 Range Rover which belonged to my boss. The smoothness of the ride and power behind the wheel gave me goosebumps.


Let’s move on to your Mustang; when did you buy it?

I found this Ford in Sharjah back in 2014; it was practically brand new with just 5,000km on the clock.

However, when I started my car search, I checked out a Camaro but somehow I couldn’t picture myself driving a Chevy. I was always inclined towards a Mustang and even though both are excellent cars, I chose the Ford because I loved the aggressive looks.


It’s been customized a lot, what exactly have you had done to it?

I love it when I get asked this question as it makes me feel proud of my car! Let’s start from the beginning; the very first thing I did were the lights, they are multi coloured oracles with red demon eyes. I got them from FOS, my friend, Pratik, gave me this idea and I love it.

Next, we found a garage in Sharjah that does custom body work and they designed my Sniper hood; normally this hood is customized for a Dodge but it looks even better on a Ford and I think I can safely say no other Mustang in the UAE has this.

Obviously when you drive a muscle car, you want to hear it roar, so I added a Borla Pro XS exhaust along with a BBK cool air intake and these two combined gives me a nice smooth roar.

The next upgrade was the custom interior which I named after the club I am extremely proud to be a part of, American 500.


Tell us more about the club and also what’s next on the to-do list…

The best thing about it is that they not only accept all muscle cars, they also have sub clubs such as Exotic 500, Off-road 500 and Custom 500.

I have been a member for nearly three years and I have always been proud to carry their logo on my car. Even if you are a new member or an older one, once you are in, you are part of the family. We have numerous events, the last one was the Ramadan Food Drive where we managed to arrange more than 1,000 meals for laborers. We also always make sure to take part in any custom show events that happen across the UAE to showcase our vehicles.

The next thing that I want to do is get it wrapped in a new colour, maybe blood red or complete black, but I haven’t decided yet. As it stands, it gets a lot of attention from people. I absolutely love the way people react when they see it. I remember once while waiting at the lights there was a family in a car next to me and when this kid saw my car, he flipped out his phone and started taking pics of it and pulling on his dads arm to look at the car. It made my day. Even while driving I have had people roll their windows down and give me a thumbs up. It really makes me feel proud.


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Your dad is a fan too isn’t he…

Yes, he has driven it a couple of times and loves it, as do the rest of my family. Sometimes my friends feel that I spend too much time on it and not enough with them! They might have a point — but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

I had an offer from someone who wanted to buy it but I instantly turned it down. The amount of joy I get every time I see it is overwhelming. Even when I have just parked up, I always turn around to give it another glance. I remember the first time I got a tiny little scratch on it — I was almost in tears! It wasn’t even noticeable but it hurt a lot.


That’s understandable! What sort of power is it putting out?

It has a 3.7-litre V6 and along with the exhaust and the air intake, I get a total of 320bhp which for me is more than enough.

It is so much fun to drive, honestly, I don’t have any words to explain it. Even if I’m having an extremely bad day at work or am just feeling stressed out, nothing helps more than taking it out for a nice cruise with my favourite songs playing and just driving late into the night. Best of all, I drive it daily; I live in Al Ain and work in Dubai, so it’s an approximately 300km drive every day.


Finally, what is your dream car?

A Range Rover. There is just something about that magnificently crafted SUV that just calls to me.

Ever since I drove one I have been in love and one day, God willing, I will be getting one of my own.


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