Welcome to wheels, Baljeet! That’s a hot looking Charger you’ve got there — how did you come across it?

Thank you for having me in the magazine, I never miss an issue!

Well, it’s an interesting story; my father owned a Dodge pick-up truck in his youth and when I moved to Dubai and was looking for a car I was set on a Mercedes S500. However a friend of mine suggested that I buy a Charger — as it not only suited my personality more but it would also be a nice tribute to my father too. I have never looked back since the day I bought my car back in 2013. It was in great condition and I felt that we were made for each other and so I snapped it up.

Now, it sure is a proud feeling when I see people turn around to have a second look at it. It turns heads wherever it goes.


It was all stock when you bought it but has undergone a total transformation — tell us from start to finish all the work you have had done to it.

It took me a long time to consider doing any kind of modifications, but once I started there was no stopping. My car did a complete 360 in less than a year.

I actually got the car and customizing bug by spending a lot of time at my father’s garage where I would help him work on his cars.

So, I wanted to fix some scratches on my Dodge however John Constantine at MK1 Garage suggested that I change the colour to give it a completely new look. I was apprehensive at first especially with trying a matte colour, but I trusted them and after a lot of brainstorming we proceeded with this Satin Matte Yellow paint.

Then I ordered a custom hood from the US, a diffuser, new wheels and vertical doors. Then, we added universal air suspension to the car and last but not least came a new sound system; we replaced the stock system with a brand new Pioneer head unit with speakers and three subwoofers.


We know John — we featured him and his blue Charger way back in issue 624! He also had the vertical doors and a lovely matte blue paint on his Dodge. Clearly your car was in good hands but you plan to do more work on it, right?

Yes I do but I haven’t quite decided what yet! I am always wondering what to do to get it to the next level and ensure it remains an eye-catcher.


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You have also given the V6 a bit more power too haven’t you…

That’s right, I enhanced it with a Jet Speed throttle body unit and also added a Mopar cold air intake kit and K&N air filter. This sure has livened up the performance and made it more fun to drive.

I drive this beast any time of the day or night; I love to flaunt it every chance I get! It’s my daily driver and I love taking it everywhere in the UAE. The road is my runway and I have wings to fly anywhere!

 I have worked really hard to get my car to where I want it to be and it has become my passion.


Other people also appreciate the work you have put in to it…

Indeed they do — whenever I take my car to a mall or a public area, I always see people taking photos of it and I am always getting thumbs up from others on the road — but it can be a bit of a distraction for some....


We feel an anecdote coming along...

It’s an amusing one too! You might not believe this but I remember one time when a couple of guys were walking and talking on the street and really staring at my car so hard they totally failed to see the person in front of them and bumped right into him! I must say that made me chuckle!


Your car should come with a warning! Finally, what is your dream ride?

Being a Mopar guy I’d love a Charger Hellcat and Ram truck. I also love the Bugatti Veyron.


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