Hi Aashish, welcome to wheels! That is a mean looking Challenger you own — tell us about your Dodge…

Thanks for featuring me in wheels, it’s my favourite magazine!

My Dodge is a 2015 model and it was purchased brand new from Al Futtaim Trading Enterprises, Dubai.

I bought this car because of its classic, muscular design and named it “Red Toxic” because of its colour and the theme that I have chosen for it.


Tell us more about that wild theme that you have going on…

Well, it started with a customised Borla Atak exhaust system, K&N Cold Air intake and Pedal Commander all of which helped to wake the 3.6-litre V6 up and improve throttle response. Then came a set of Mopar lowering springs and H&R 30mm spacers front and rear to give it a low stance and wider look. Next I decided to upgrade the wheels from 18in to 20in with a dual tone custom paint job and also installed caliper covers with ‘Challenger’ engraved on them.

I wanted to give the engine bay a bit more of a sparkle and so I dressed it up with a Billet radiator cap, Billet intercooler tank cap, Billet windshield washer fluid cap and Billet catch can to filter the engine oil. I topped this all off with a Hydro dipped skull design.

But I suppose the eye-catching modification my car has got has to be the vertical doors. It also has a SRT front lip with Phantom Grille and rear window louver for that old classic look and I installed Diode Dynamics DRL lights with a RGBW multicolour feature and underbody lights. All the work was done by John Constantine at MK1 Garage.


We thought so — the doors are definitely his touch! The interior also received a fair bit of work…

That’s right — I added ‘Toxic’ logos on the headrests along with my name on the driver seat and my wife’s name, Monika, on the passenger seat. She supports all of my ideas related to any modification and is a big fan of trucks such as the Dodge Ram.

It also has illuminated red Toxic badges and I recently changed the interior and door trim from all black to red/black. I have changed all four stock speakers to Pioneer 450W components along with two Channel Amp and 12in Pioneer Subwoofer (1,400W) for that extra bass. That’s all for now but I do plan to keep working on my car, the ‘to do list’ is still very long!


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Let us know what you do next! You’re ever so proud of your car and buying it was a no-brainer wasn’t it?

That’s right; when I decided to switch from my Chevrolet Cruze, I had shortlisted three options; the Challenger, a Mustang and a Camaro and the next step was to test drive these and get a feel for them. I drove the Ford and Chevy but wasn’t that impressed with either but when I sat in the Challenger there was a voice from deep inside me that said “go for it” and so I did!

It is my daily driver (I love taking it for long rides on weekends to the places like Jebel Hafeet, Jebel al Jais, Qudra, Last Exit, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and what not; my car has seen almost every emirate and successfully completed 100,000kms last month!) and it gives me an immense thrill, joy and satisfaction when I drive this beast in the UAE and it is all thanks to its head turning looks.

I get such a feel good factor with my car. Having said that, I had the privilege of driving a Challenger Hellcat at the Dubai Autodrome during a Dodge Experience event in 2016 and it was the best car I have driven to date. It still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it!


We love those, they are truly ferocious muscle cars — but what do you like best about yours and why?

I always loved classic muscle cars and when I first saw the Challenger in Dubai, I completely fell for it and always wanted one. The best part about it is its vintage looks coupled with the latest technology. I appreciate FCA for not playing around too much with this modern classic unlike other brands. As you can imagine, it sure gets a lot of attention from people; whenever I park it they gather around to take pictures and it gets plenty of “thumbs up”. My mum always asks me why I am spending so much on just a car but then again deep inside she is also very happy that I own such an amazing ride as do all of my family and friends.

I am also one of the administrators of the UAE Dodge Club which is officially registered with Dodge Middle East and we get great support from Trading Enterprises and regularly organise weekend drive events and participate in many charity functions too.


Good stuff. What is your dream car?

Six years ago I would have said a Ferrari California — but since the last three years, that thought has completely vanished. Now my dream is to own a vintage 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible.


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