Welcome back to wheels, Mumtaz. The last time we saw you was over three years ago, and you had a lovely Golf R32 then. Have you still got that feisty Volkswagen? If so, give us an update on it…

Oh yes, absolutely, I still very much have it and there are evenings when there is nothing better than to drive my R32.

The control my VW offers — especially around curvy roads — is truly incredible. I love it.


With a terrific all-wheel drive Haldex system, a snappy DSG and a potent turbocharged four-pot it must still be planting a huge smile on your face...

Sometimes it is a smile and at others it is a cheeky grin! My ‘Bye Bye GTI’ decal still gets attention and adds to the overall fun of driving my car however I must admit that at times, and with a very heavy heart, I have had thoughts of parting with this lovely machine ever since the arrival of my BMW M3. It may be time for someone else to enjoy this beauty!


That’ll be a sad day but speaking of your fabulous E92 M3, it also gets the blood pumping like the Golf. When did you pick this BMW up?

This is the newest in my collection and I picked it up just over a month ago — and what a beautiful beast it is, even if I do say so myself!

When I was younger, I always wanted one of these cars and I knew that one day I will get an M3 and so you can imagine how happy I am to realise this dream of mine.

The M3 has always fascinated me with its power, looks and handling. I have driven some others models of the M3 but the E92 is my favourite. It is so much fun to drive and really exciting. I tend to take it out on weekends late at night so I can enjoy the ride without worrying too much about traffic and other nuisances on the road.

The M3’s roar is unique and the feeling you get from behind the wheel is priceless. It’s not an everyday car for me, I drive it sparingly but I am looking forward to the cooler months so I can enjoy this more — with the windows down so I can hear that exhaust note better!

It gets a lot of attention and occasionally people slow down next to me and give me the thumbs up. They often want to race but I never entertain such requests — I don’t want them to feel bad after they lose!

I also often get total strangers come up to me and ask if they can take it for a spin around the corner!


The cheek of some people! I am sure you very politely turn those bizarre requests down…

Every single time!


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Good. This one has got some motor hasn’t it…

Indeed. In fact this is the first ever eight-cylinder motor to power an M3 and boy does it do that well! It displaces 3,999cc and develops a maximum output of 420 horses together with peak torque of 400Nm at 3,900rpm. And perhaps an even more outstanding fact is that some 85 per cent of the engine’s peak torque remains available throughout the enormous speed range of 6,500rpm.


How proud do you feel to own this car?

Very, as I mentioned I always wanted to have an M3 and now it’s finally part of my collection. It’s a head turner and for its age it is in exceptional condition, so yes I am very proud to own it and love the way that it drives.

I like my cars to have good looks, power and comfort and this BMW provides all three in abundance. Some people need to have a reason to drive — but in this car’s case, driving is the reason.


You also have a Jeep Grand Cherokee — tell us all about that; how often do use it, what is it like to drive?

Well while my M3 is noisy and powerful and my R32 is fast around the bends and glues itself to the road, my Jeep Grand Cherokee has the incredible ability to go anywhere!

With a massive 5.7-litre Hemi V8 under the bonnet, it sure packs a punch and I love driving it on all sorts of different and testing terrain.

To be honest I drive it the most simply because it is bigger, it can literally go anywhere whenever I please, it affords a lovely ride and it is very comfortable on long highway commutes.


From all three of your current cars, which is your favourite and why?

That’s a tough one! I suppose it varies on my mood, but to tell you the truth, the M3 being the latest addition has my utmost attention nowadays.


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