Welcome to wheels, Hany. That is an eye-catching Challenger you’ve got there! How long have you had this Dodge?

Thank you, it is wonderful to be featured in wheels!

I have had this car now for almost three years, I got it from KSA while I was living there. I always wanted to have a Challenger SRT, actually I used to have the previous model and when the new one came out I snapped it up right away.

I was actually looking for a convertible and had my eye on the BMW M3 convertible, the Z4, a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Porsche Panamera. I know, the last one isn’t a convertible but I just love this sporty family saloon.

However, three things attracted me to the Challenger and they were its performance, the retro design and the thrill it affords you behind the wheel.


They are fab muscle cars but you have ensured yours stands out a lot. Talk us through all the mods that you have made to it…

Well, in the beginning it started off with the same design that my previous Challenger had, a pixel theme body wrap. However, for my SRT, I retained the theme albeit with a few changes in the design as I noticed someone else had copied it here in the UAE. I ensured that the new look would be much more complicated and therefore more tricky to mimic, as I want my car to be the only one with this look.

I then added an APR front splitter, custom demon headlights, LED wheel lights, interior light and engine bay custom paint and light. All of the work was done by FOS Concept but I also would like to thank the UAE Dodge Club and MK1 who gave me lots of ideas, support and were a reliable source of information. 


You still have more work planned for it don’t you?

Yes I still have a lot of stuff to be done such as installing a new sound system, APR kit, a cold air intake, strut bar, anti-sway bars, full exhaust system with headers and for sure new a set of wheels.


Suffice to say, it must turn a lot of heads…

It sure does in fact whoever sees it falls in love with it right away. Everyone wants to touch it and always ask how it was done. My family and all of my friends love it so much too.


It’s a SRT and so it’s bound to be as much to drive as it looks…

It definitely is! No matter what I say, I just can’t describe the feeling of driving this car, you have to get behind the wheel and experience it for yourself. The more I drive my car the more I fall in love with it.

I mostly drive it on weekends and always avoid traffic jams or mall car parks. If I ever do park at the mall I’ll make sure it’s away from any other cars — but when I return I always find someone has taken up the bay right next to me even though the entire floor is empty!


That drives us really mad as well. Tell us about the massive 6.4-litre V8, also how well does your car handle?

The naturally aspirated engine generates 485 horses and it sounds awesome. It handles better than it used to ever since I upgraded the rear tyres to 315 which has improved grip and stability at speed.


Well, we wish you years of happy and stress-free motoring with it — but it sure gave you a scare once didn’t it...

Oh yes! I usually never give my car to the valet to park but I decided to try the Valet mode on my car — which limits horsepower and speed — when I spent a weekend in Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. So, the valet took my car and parked it out front. A couple of days later I checked out and drove my car but it was as slow as a turtle and would not accelerate at all. I thought there was something seriously wrong with my pride and joy until eventually I remembered that it was still in Valet mode, but, I had forgotten the passcode to deactivate it! I had to pull over on the hard shoulder and check for solutions online but I could not find anything.

Eventually, I decided to disconnect the battery for some time and then reconnect it. Fortunately this did the trick!


We doubt you’ll use that mode again…

I think you’re right!


You clearly love your Challenger but it isn’t the best car you have ever driven is it?

No, that accolade must go to the 2017 Mercedes S63 AMG convertible. What a fabulous car that is. But my dream is to own either a Mercedes AMG GT or the SLS.