Welcome to wheels, Christopher! You are a big American muscle enthusiast, tell us how your passion began?

Thanks for featuring my wife Laila and I, it’s a real pleasure to be in the magazine!

My insane automotive American muscle passion began when I turned 18. I fondly remember collecting pictures of the 1969 Dodge Charger from car magazines back then but even when I was just a little boy my father saw the enthusiast in me and bought me little Hot Wheels toy cars to play with — and of course my best boy toy was the classic Charger but I had many other favourites too such as the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the Pontiac Trans Am. I had a black and gold one, just like the Bandit car!


Those second-generation Firebirds are the best! You were head over heels when you first caught sight of the refreshed, seventh-gen Charger weren’t you…

That’s right, my jaw dropped when I saw it for the first time in the movie Fast and Furious 5!


What was it that you liked so much about it?

I loved everything about it such as its newly introduced eight-speed gearbox and those flashy LED taillights.

I just had to have it and bought mine back in 2011, two years after starting my fruitful career with a leading international airline and as you can see I still proudly own it.


Did you ever consider any other muscle car?

I considered buying a Dodge and only Dodge! I had set my eyes on the V6 and waited patiently for it for almost six months. Now, I have had it for seven years now and I can still smell the fresh paint!


You have maintained it really well. Does it have a name?

Yes it does, Laila and I love to name our cars, and the Charger is called Tank! We also used to own a red 30th Anniversary Camaro which we called Romeo. We had that Chevy, which packed a potent V8 mated to a four-speed auto, for over a year before sadly selling it to a passionate car enthusiast from Um Al Quain.


That’s a shame but I’m sure there’ll be others! Tell us about some of the modifications your Dodge has had…

It features custom door scoops, a custom semi-gloss charcoal painted concave bonnet with metal safe nets below which sits a massive custom air filter that helps the V6 breathe better. The Tank’s engine bay is painted in a red cobra theme with red LEDs installed. It also has Red Demon eyes which gives it an aggressive look however the thing that thrills me the most is its custom exhaust; it makes a super growl when I step on the throttle!

The interior has been dressed up too and has red LED lights and a custom Infinity audio system. There are no further plans to modify Tank — but that’s my wife commenting, not me!


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Any mods made to the motor?

Yes and I’ll keep the power figures a secret — all I can say is come ride with me and you’ll be impressed! It’s gone down a hit with my family and friends — they love what I’ve done to my Charger. It turns so many heads when I drive it through the touristy spots like JBR and La Mer. We enjoy taking it for long drives such as Fujairah and RAK. But, if life is fair I would love to own a classic ‘69 Charger!


Well, if you do ever manage to get one of those, you must let us know — we’d call you back for another feature immediately! Let’s move on to your GMC — first of all, what have you named it?

It is called Rocco!


That’s a cool name. And it was bought for you by Laila right?

That is correct, my loving wife got this for me for me for my birthday on May 31st, 2016. My truck is the big daddy with a powerful 5.3-litre V8.


That is so nice of her. It’s also been modified, give us the details…

I actually had plans to modify it even before the order was placed, I just could not wait to get started! I have had the front and rear bumpers blacked out with black gloss foil and painted the rims in glossy black to give it a Black Ops look! The GMC logo on the front grille lights up in red and it also has red interior LED lights like Tank. But, Rocco isn’t quite finished yet, I have more things on my to do list! I plan to give it a more aggressive exhaust note just like Tank, and I plan on installing 2.0in wheel spacers to give it a wide body look.

All modifications and upgrades done in the past and future plans are always first discussed with my good friend James Gayan who is truly the mastermind when it comes to customing cars.


It sees a fair bit of action doesn’t it?

Oh yes, our favourite off-roading spots are the Fujairah wadis, RAK, Al Warqa and the Liwa dunes. This truck is ferocious and can easily handle the rough stuff.


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