That’s a very rugged-looking Wrangler you’ve got there, Anup. Tell us about your Jeep…

It’s a 2016 model and I bought it because of my love for off-roading. It allows me to unwind and explore the beautiful desert and mountains on the weekends, and it’s a highly customisable vehicle so I can create a unique look for the road.

Yours sure looks like it’s been tweaked; what have you had done to it?

I added a 2.0in Mopar Lift Kit and fitted it with 35in tyres with Beadlock wheels, and the most important accessory, a winch. Then I added flat fenders and the Mopar front Rubicon bumper. One thing that I did to make my car unique and stand out in a crowd was to give it a special two-tone paint job. My son and I would spend hours online choosing what to modify while at the same time keep the expenses within budget, and we’re pleased with the outcome. In fact, he is as equally interested in cars as me and has over 200 issues of wheels magazine. His Friday starts with reading the latest edition and we then make a point of it to discuss the reviews.

It’s taken us three months to get the car where it is currently at. That being said, I still have a lot on my list left to do. I want to add a cat-back exhaust, a Mopar cold air intake and the beautiful Mopar Katzkin leather interior. One thing you get when you buy a Wrangler is a phenomenal amount of accessories. You feel like a kid in a candy store. The things you can do to the car is endless and just amazing.

But why a Wrangler in the first place?

My first Grand Cherokee and my passion for venturing off the beaten track led me to own this car. That Grand Cherokee was a 1998 model with an inline 4.0-litre, and that was one of the strongest and most beautiful engines Jeep produced. It never let me down whether it be on the dunes or on the road. After that one, I decided that I was always going to buy Jeeps.

With go-anywhere ability, yours must be a lot of fun to drive…

These are amazingly enjoyable vehicles, so much so that I will never sell mine. Its performance is amazing. One of the biggest perks of owning a Jeep is being a part of the best motoring communities; there is a group of us who go off-roading every weekend. We generally go down to Maleha, do Fossil Rock and the Al Faya dunes, but to really experience the true capabilities of this car you have to take it to Liwa. However, I would advise people to never explore the dunes alone and to be with a group that is capable of handling emergencies.

The Wrangler is a fun machine and it’s not like driving a normal automobile — but you have to be cautious, too. I feel really proud to own this car and to be a part of the Jeep community. There’s nothing better than being a “Jeeper”.

What do you like best about it and why?

That it will go anywhere, on any terrain. It also lets you be unique on the road what with so many customisation options. In fact, that could also be construed as a negative, too, as with so many options, your wallet can take a bit of a beating!

Apart from your Wrangler, what other cars have impressed you?

When it comes to raw power and acceleration, the best car I’ve driven is the Charger Hellcat. It is in a class of its own. The whine of the supercharger followed by the roar of that glorious Hemi is just music to your ears.