It’s lovely to see you again, Natalya! You have got a cool new ride to show us, but first of all, let’s remind everyone of the awesome cars that you have owned and we have featured in the magazine before — a Lexus IS 300 Cabriolet with a custom Pearl Red paint and Rainbow Metallic flakes and a Corvette Stingray with a Lamborghini Aventador body kit! Both were fabulous but have since long gone — do you miss them?

Thanks for having me back for a third time! Do I miss them? Well, yes and no. The new owners are taking good care of my Lexus and Chevrolet and we stay in touch too and so I get to see my old cars every now and then.

I enjoyed my cars very much but now it is time for the new owners to have some fun with them. Besides, I am having lots of fun with my new ride!


We’ll get to your red beast in a minute but tell us why you sold the Chevy? We thought you would be keeping that one after all you had put in a lot of time and effort into it...

That was the plan and yes, I did spend a lot of time and effort not to mention money on it. However, I had to make room for new inspirational projects…


Stop teasing and tell us more!

Ok, I parted with my Corvette, which I had named ‘Corventador’ for obvious reasons because I wanted something with even more power — hopefully you will soon find me in a more sophisticated and potent Corvette ZR1, fingers crossed! I am narrowing down on one. Once I get it, I’ll let you know!


Yes, please keep us informed. It sure has a lot of power; the LT5 supercharged V8 is rated at 755 horses and 969Nm of torque! Now you have a 370Z and like all of your cars, it has been customized, but when did you buy the Nissan?

I bought the 370Z about few months ago.

It was clean and up for grabs and I couldn’t resist the temptation — especially as the base was already red; this made applying the custom Soul Red paint a lot easier. It reflects a different shade during the day and night.

I sent it to the body shop to get some suspension upgrades such as strut bars and braces and I dropped the ride height using lowering coils. The rear wing was a special order from Japan which belongs to a previous Nismo model. I always fancied it over the plain spoiler seen in the current Nismo models.


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We noticed that, it looks great! What else do you have planned for it?

I want to add a full exhaust system on it and improve the air Intake. Perhaps I will add a turbo, and it will complete the customization. Balance is key; you shouldn’t over do it.


You used to have a 2006 350Z before — how much of an improvement would you say there is between that and this 370Z of yours?

The current Z is more powerful, yet stable and refined. I have always loved how Nissan managed never to drift away from their predecessors when redesigning newer models.


They’ve mastered that art. How often do you drive it and where do you enjoy driving it the most?

It is a daily driver for me. I love cruising around Jumeriah Beach Road and test its power and handling around the open mountain roads. It is powered by a 3.7-litre DOHC V6 with an output of 350 horses and the handling can’t get any better with a front-engine, rear wheel drive layout. The body of the Nismo provides significant downforce that helps maintain stability at higher speeds and corners.


What do you like best about it and why?

I love how Nismo redesigned the 370z for better stability and the result, as you can see — sharper body lines which add more character and aggressiveness.


What sort of reaction does it get from people? What do your family and friends make of it?

Lots of thumbs up and lots of photos get taken of it. My family are petrolheads, just like me, and they always support my passion for cars. They love all of my cars.


When will we be seeing you in your dream car, a Lamborghini Aventador?

Hopefully soon!