Welcome to wheels, Faris! This is the best looking Cobra we have ever seen! Please tell us about your classic 1965 Roadster…

First of all it is a pleasure to be featured in the magazine! I have been a big fan of the Shelby Cobra ever since I was young but waited until 2013 when I decided it was finally the right time to own one. I started my search but then decided to build a Cobra by Backdraft Racing (they make the best kit in my opinion) and so the project started!

Everything was selected by me, from the paint, the interior and all the greasy bits underneath! I opted for a Tour de France Blue which is originally a Ferrari colour and matte black wheels and since I always wanted an extraordinary interior I decided to go with brown leather seats and lots of carbon fibre trim, red gauges with a blue light in them and I had the steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara. The car was completed in 2015 and shipped to the UAE and first registered in August that year.


We love it, it looks incredible. Now, tell us about the drivetrain…

Well, since I wanted to build something special and that was tailor-made for me I decided to make it the fastest Cobra in the world — and it was back in 2015.

It has a 5.0 Coyote Ford motor which is solid and well balanced and to ensure it was as potent as could be I added a 2.9-litre Whipple Supercharger to give my car 760 horses.

With all of that power I needed good brakes so I got big Wildwood 4 and 6 pistons installed to stop her. It doesn’t have power steering and as you can imagine it is pretty difficult to handle — especially when you throw in a five-speed manual gearbox.


These cars were originally designed to be as thrilling to drive as possible — but yours has taken things to the next level...

It’s a difficult car to drive and very scary with so much power to weight ratio but that’s the excitement behind the steering wheel.

I have driven many supercars in my life but none could excite me as much as this does — until I recently drove a McLaren Senna owned by a good friend; I can say officially it’s the best car I have ever driven in my life.

As you can probably tell by now I hate easy going, comfortable cars — I love powerful, aggressive cars that make you sweat when you drive them!


Yes we can — and that’s a serious complement to your Cobra; it’s taken something so extreme to beat it! How often do you drive it?

It’s hard to drive it in the summer with our lovely sizzling weather as it’s an open top coupe so I mostly drive it in the winter.

I tackled Jabel Jais once and Jabel Hafeet and it was an incredible feeling and I am planning to track her maybe this season, let’s see.


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Let us know when you do and how you get on. How proud do you feel to own this car?

Very proud and I really hope I never sell it and it stays with me until we move to the next life.

I just love it but I have to treat it with respect; the fear I get every time I accelerate and drive it makes me appreciate it more. I have a friend who owns mostly the best supercars produced and he drove this once and literally I could see he was scared! He still says it’s the scariest thing he has ever driven.

My family thinks I’m crazy to own such a wild car but they do like it too while some of my friends have flown to Abu Dhabi from all around the world to see it in the flesh and go for a drive!


Well, we’re just up the road from you and so we hope to see it again! You’re also a big fan of Porsche right?

You’re welcome anytime — and yes that is correct, I’m a big fan of Porsche engineering and own a 1996 993 Turbo which is very special and unique (it’s finished in a very rare green paint both inside and out ). I hope one day I can share it with everything here.


We would definitely love to see that. You’ve sold a few cars and regretted doing so — which ones were they?

I had the final edition of the G Class coupe made in 2012 but I had to let it go in 2015 and I keep dreaming about her few times a month however, I really regret selling my Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. What a car, seriously what a car!


Buy it back! What was your first car?

A black Smart For Two but then I was stopped by a 75 year old gentleman who insisted to buy it and I had to let it go but then I got a blue BMW M5 which was fabulous.

I own few other cars but I don’t call myself a collector; I admire cars and the engineering and mechanicals behind them.


Finally, what is the dream?

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. If I can’t own it, then maybe I can drive it or even just be a passenger!


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