Welcome to wheels, Ericson. Your Dodge looks like it came from the Marvel Universe! Let us take a wild guess — you love Iron Man...

Thank you for giving me a chance to show off my car and yes, I do! He is my favourite superhero because he has a good sense of humor, intricate personality and is very smart. Actually, I love Marvel books and many superheroes but when I came across Iron Man, I was captivated.


You love him so much that you decided to customize your Challenger with Iron Man artwork; who did the airbrushing and how long did it take to complete?

The man behind the design is a good friend of mine, Donal Olivares Factor, known as “Master Airbrush” because of his undeniably amazing artwork. For my Challenger, it took him almost a week to complete. He also worked on my previous vehicles and one of them was an under hood airbrush of Magneto which won me the “Best Car Show” award at an event once.

I am very proud of my car, I must say. I have put all my time and effort on this car. Customizing a car is not a joke, you need to have enough money and it is time consuming but it is worth it.


Will you be adding any fresh designs on your Dodge?

Certainly, I am preparing for a big event next year and looking forward for the outcome but I cannot reveal what the new design will be right now!


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We’ll keep an eye out for it. Do you ever get stopped by the police because of the paintwork?

Never — because I have my OEM hood and boot which is always on my car when I drive on the road — but when it comes to car shows, I put my custom hood and trunk on. When I bought the car, I was thinking how I could change it. The car itself is very attractive anyway but it wasn’t getting any attention maybe because people here in the UAE used to seeing a lot of muscle cars. So, I made quite a lot of modifications to my Challenger to change it and now when it is displayed at shows people always have kind words to say about it. They look at every inch of it and take lots of photos. It is such a good feeling when people appreciate my car, it’s overwhelming in fact. I am glad all the hard work has paid off.

When I bought this car my wife wasn’t happy as we have a baby and the Dodge isn’t very practical but she got used to it and to be fair the second row is quite roomy. The funny thing about it is every time my baby sees my car he easily recognizes that this is his daddy’s car!

My friends are really supportive as well. In fact, most of my friends in my car groups were advising me which body kits would be suitable for my Challenger and they were a great help.


It doesn’t just have a fetching paint job, you made many other modifications to it, haven’t you?

Yes, apart from the superhero artwork, I also improved the performance by upgrading the cold air intake to an Airraid intake and got a new Flowmaster exhaust system on it. It also has a carbon fibre front lip and spoiler and rides on a set of Niche 20in rims wrapped with Nitto tyres and D2 coilovers. I also had it repainted to candy red. In the future, I’d like to add a turbo and supercharger and have the entire body airbrushed in a design theme of my choice. As for the interior, I dressed it up by adding carbon fibre trim on the dashboard and steering wheel.


When did you buy your Dodge?

About a year ago from an Australian gentleman who had kept the car in really good condition.

I used to have Charger but sold it to make room for the Challenger because I love the body style, it looks so aggressive. And it’s as good to drive as it looks in my opinion and has a very smooth V6 which makes 315 horses. I use it daily to drop the baby to the nursery five days a week and my wife to work and on weekends we often go to Dubai or roam YAS.


Finally, what is your dream car?

1968 Dodge Super Charger with a 1,000 horsepower Hellephant 426 supercharged crate Hemi by Mopar!


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