Welcome to wheels, Mohammad. The Lancer is a World Championship Rally legend — and you own the iconic Evo 9. Tell us about your Mitsubishi...

First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity for showcasing my pride and joy.

Well, I always watched this model perform admirably during the WRC and it was always my first pick in several video games too when I was younger and so I guess I was always destined to own one someday! I bought this car four years ago from a friend of mine and I have been happy ever since.


Did you consider any other cars before you bought this one?

Yes I did — I was also looking to buy the legendary Nissan GTR-R32…


That would have been pretty cool too, why didn’t you?

Since it’s a bit old and not available as a left hand drive I opted for the Evo 9 after test driving it.


Fair enough. It has been customized a fair bit hasn’t it...

Yes, most of it has been modified from the engine, to the suspension and even the wheels. In fact, almost everything has been fettled with — but that is all I am willing to do to it as I am pretty happy with where I have got her to so I’m planning on keeping her in the shape she is in.


The biggest changes took place under the hood; tell us how much power it now has...

It has been fully upgraded with aftermarket internals — it has a 2.3-litre stroker kit with bigger cams, a turbo kit and fuel system which pushes the output to around 700 horses and thankfully it has been very reliable even after all of the modifications the drivetrain has been through.


And it has a five-speed manual meaning it is even more fun to drive…

That is for certain! In fact I must stress that this is the best car that I have ever driven.


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It looks great — what sort of reaction does it get from people?

People always tend to react very positively to it which makes me feel happy. They love to take photos of my car and ask me questions about all the work I have put into it — I end up taking up hours of their time answering all of their querries!

My family and friends appreciate all of the hard work that I have put into my car but because of all the time and money I have invested in it, they all refer to it as my second wife!


Do you drive this daily? Where do you get the best out of it?

No, my daily driver is my Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG which is both practical and potent — but I spare my Evo 9 for the weekends mostly and I especially enjoy tackling the track with it and all of the corners as it was designed to do so and nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than doing this!


How proud do you feel to own this car after all the work you’ve put into it and what do you like best about it?

I am very proud because this is a unique car, you don’t see too many of these on the streets anymore. I like everything about it, especially the way it handles and the power it has at its disposal — it’s amazing yet simple, it is not a complicated machine like most modern day high performance vehicles. The only thing that I am sorry about is that this model has been discontinued.


Yes, that’s a pity; we’ve lived in a world without the famed model for a few years now, but did you see Polish company Dytko Sport — responsible for building and selling parts and components for Lancer Evo rally cars — just built the Lancer Edition R aka Evo XI? It looked like a natural progression from the final-generation car...

Yes, I saw that, it looks great! It’s a body kit that can be added to the Evo X and it basically picks up from where the Evo X left off. They did a really good job on it but I am not too sure about Mitsubishi using the iconic name on an SUV in the future…


It looks like they will, just as they did with the Eclipse nameplate for the Eclipse Cross. Anyway, there’s not much we can do about any of that, so before we let you go and carve up the track some more, tell us what your dream car is...

I would dearly love to own the Porsche GT3 RS.


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