Welcome to wheels, Martin. That is an awesome looking Challenger you’ve got there; tell us about it…

Thanks for featuring me in wheels! I have always had a love for American muscle cars and living in a country now where I could get one, I jumped at the chance when I came across this at the Dodge dealership in Abu Dhabi. I just fell in love with it and so I bought it.

It’s been mine for two years. I looked at the Charger but it didn’t quite make the grade as the retro looks of the Challenger won me over hands down.


It has since been heavily customised and it looks great; tell us from start to finish all of the work that you have had done to it…

I wanted to give it a more aggressive look and so I opted for a unique design theme; you’ll notice that it says Faol on the car in a few places — this means wolf in Gaelic — and this is the native language of Scotland. I wanted it to look like a wolf had walked through it so I had claw marks airbrushed on the front and rear of the car.

To achieve the look I was after, I first had the original sticker stripes removed and re-painted on with red pin stripes. I also painted stripes on the profile to give it that old school Challenger look. Then, I spruced up the engine bay with some custom air brushing including wolf foot prints and splatters of ‘blood’! Next was a custom carbon fibre splitter and rear spoiler and finally I rounded the exterior off with a new set of custom painted wheels with hand machined wheel spacers all round and the brake callipers were also re-painted golden.

Now, people are amazed at the work done on the car, especially the engine bay and the boot — where the wolf now resides! In fact, that wolf head is the centre piece of the car, it’s a 3D hand made head and it has been known to frighten many kids at car shows!

The reactions that my car creates is always entertaining and overall, I am very proud of it and very humbled by the attention it gets. It makes all the hard work feel worthwhile.


It really stands out now but you didn’t stop there — you ensured that it had the go to match the show…

That’s right, I wanted more power and so I added a custom cold air intake by UGR which improved the throttle response and also I removed the muffler and added UGR carbon fibre exhaust tips. I must say it sounds fabulous when I floor it now!


I bet it does — nothing beats straight pipes! You also fettled with the chassis, right?

Yes, I wanted to improve the ride so I got an air suspension installed; it did the trick and I can adjust the ride height of my car — for shows it’s as low as it will go!

I also had some custom lighting in the engine bay and boot added, and I gave it a pair of Oracle headlights. Last but not least I upgraded the sound system with custom speaker boxes and airbrushing.

I still have plans for it such as custom wide body kit with new, deep dish wheels and maybe more work to further improve the sound system. Also, I would love to add a twin turbo charger to the car but that would be far in the future. As it is, it is amazing fun to drive and I love the power it produces.


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Speaking of power, how much does it produce?

At the moment it makes 485bhp but I want to increase this by turbo charging it and the magic number I have in my head would be 1,000bhp!


You must tell us if you ever reach that colossal figure! Take us back to how your passion for motoring began…

It began from my father, he had a love for cars and it was just something that I lived with from an early age from watching F1 to then seeing the modified car scene back in Scotland and I wanted to be part of it.

My first car was a 1987 Golf GTI MK2; this was a learning curve for me as I re-built the engine etc but unfortunately my talents at the time were zero and I ended up blowing the motor up! I have owned over twenty cars since then and every one of them had some sort of modification done to it. I just can’t help myself!


What’s the best car you have ever driven or had a ride in?

Best so far for me was being able to have a ride in a Bugatti Veyron. I never got to drive it, but just being in that car was special enough for me.


Finally, what is your dream car?

This has to be the Dodge Challenger Demon; the power and the looks of this car is just insane. Also, I would love to own a 1971 Challenger and modify it the same way as my current Challenger.


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