Welcome to wheels, Rovi. How did your passion for motoring begin?

Thank you for featuring me and my 2012 Range Rover Sport in wheels!

I guess my passion started when my family and I moved to the US in 1999. Prior to joining the US military, I worked at a fast food chain, saved up enough money and bought myself my first car which was a 1987 Acura Integra RS.


That is a cool first car!

I loved it! I made lots of modifications to it including a new set of alloys, a cold air-intake, a new muffler, and a new sound system. Then I started joining car clubs and attended car shows to get more ideas and my passion continued to grow.


You have owned several other cars since then...

Yes, after the Acura I owned a couple of Honda Civics which were fun, several BMWs (including a 330i convertible, 5 Series, X3, and X6) and a 2006 Range Rover Sport.


That is a lot of BMWs! You are quite the fan…

I really like them — in fact the best car I have ever driven was a 2016 M4 GTS that belonged to my friend. It had a full after-market exhaust system and a whole bunch of modifications. That car was insanely fast.


But your heart lies with the Range Rover right?

Yes, I love my Land Rover Range Rover Sport. One has to drive it to actually understand why it has the highest brand loyalty than any other make or model.

I’m on my second Range Rover having sold my 2006 model after I got married to buy the 5 Series for my wife (and the X6 for myself) but then sold both prior to moving to the UAE to buy this 2012 model. I picked it up in Seattle, Washington and had it shipped here.


What made you switch back?

Because of the performance and comfort that it affords. It is really fun to drive. It’s an impeccable combination of power, capability and luxury. It’s one of the most comfortable vehicles out there, even with its sheer size its superior dynamics ensures it never stops being fun. There are various powerful SUV’s out there but none come close to this. It’s my daily driver — my wife and I use it for work, groceries, and dropping off my daughter to school. 


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Tell us about that whopping 5.0-litre supercharged V8…

It is rated at 510 horsepower and 625Nm of torque mated to a six-speed automatic. It is fast, it handles very well and I love the smooth ride and on-board comfort. I am very proud to own such a vehicle.


It has been customized from front to back — tell us about all of the work you have done… 

I have made quite few changes since it arrived here; the original colour was Orkney Grey with stock rims but upon its arrival I immediately changed the exterior to Anthracite Grey. However, after seeing the new blue Range Rover Sport SVR, I changed the colour again to match it. This was just four months after the first paint job!

Since then, I have upgraded the wheels to 22in Gloss Black Niche M164 Anzio, I have installed carbon fibre door pillars, carbon fibre mid-hatch spoiler, customized carbon fibre lip and grille, carbon fibre engine cover, customized designed carbon fibre bonnet, and added a Meduza Fender Pack body kit. In addition, I have upgraded the stock exhaust to a Magnaflow cat back system with Akrapovic carbon fibre tips. It makes a really deep and aggressive rumble now.


Any future plans for it?

I am planning on upgrading the sound system of the car but as of right now I get a lot of compliments from other people — especially for all of the carbon fibre parts installed on it. People always ask me if my ride came with all the carbon fibre accessories when I bought it and I am proud to tell them that it was built by me and not bought.

It is a head turner — in fact a couple of times I have been asked if I’m interested in selling it. The answer is always the same — “no way!” Why would I sell this? It gives me everything I want from a car; it is luxurious, exhilarating to drive and it’s beautiful.

I also love the roomy interior; the quality of the fabric and leather not to mention the fine details. It’s second to none. I love sitting up high in the driver’s seat and looking out ahead — it affords such a commanding view.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the cost to fill up the tank but for now I don’t have to worry about that since fuel in the UAE is way cheaper than it is in the US!


Well, we wish you years of happy motoring with it. Final question, what is your dream car?

I’ll stick with the Land Rover brand and opt for the 575 horsepower Range Rover Sport SVR — finished in blue!


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