Welcome back to wheels, Mohsen. The last time we saw you was years ago in 2010 (issue 271). You had a cool Corvette Z06 then; give us an update about that rare Ron Fellows edition Chevy…

Thanks a lot for having me back — it is always a pleasure to be featured in wheels because I have been a big fan for over a decade and never miss an issue.

My last time here was a great and unforgettable experience; after my Z06 appeared in the mag, I modified it by changing the exhaust system, bonnet and the rear wing. That Ron Fellow edition was a special Chevy because with only 315 of them built, it was an extremely rare sight in Dubai.

Eventually, I decided it was time to sell it and the new owner couldn’t have been happier with the car. I must admit I do miss that Corvette but I have many wonderful memories of it.


We hope he is looking after it! What did you buy after the Z06?

After the Corvette I bought a Mercedes C 63 AMG which was nice however, I only kept it for a year.


You replaced it with your Exige Sport 350; tell us about it…

Well to be honest, Lotus was a brand that I had no clue about! I didn’t know anything about the cars they make and I was actually looking for a Dodge Viper or the new C7 Z06. I even went to the showroom and put a Dh5,000 deposit down for it but then a friend of mine mentioned Lotus and said the Exige Sport was really beautiful and amazing to drive. I was intrigued and so I went to the dealership and was blown away by it. It looked like nothing I’d seen before and decided to go for it and have been ever so happy with it. I am so glad that I didn’t buy anything else. I believe there are only two yellow Exige Sport 350’s in Dubai and I am proud to say that one of them is mine. I had the name of my son, Majid, added on the car as well as my number plate, N103 just to personalize it a bit and it’s been mildly modified too with a larger exhaust system which I had fitted by Lotus. I plan on doing a little more work on it such as getting a wide body kit.


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It’ll look meaty with that! These are thrilling to drive — how much fun are you having with it?

Just looking at it makes me smile but then when I take it for a drive I am blown away by its handling. It is ever so agile and since it is so light (1,130kg), it goes like a rocket!


You’re driving it a little more often than you first planned, aren’t you...

This car was supposed to be my weekend car but it excites me so much that I have made it my daily driver. I drive it every day to work and back and although I haven’t tested it on the track yet, this is something that I am looking forward to doing soon and pushing the supercharged V6 as hard as possible. I can just imagine how fun it’ll be because it’s already proven to be a blast on the road.

I love the way it looks, the sound of the exhaust (especially in Sport mode!) and since it is bright yellow it sure does stand out. It is the most attention seeking car that I have ever owned. The only downside about it is that the interior isn’t the roomiest — ingress and egress is a little tricky but that is its only drawback.


It also confuses people doesn’t it…

Yes, that’s true — people think it is a new Corvette or something similar but then when I tell them that it is in fact a Lotus, their expression is pretty funny because they don’t even know what that is. Even though it is a storied British brand with a rich racing heritage, they aren’t very common here, and I guess because of that it gets a lot of attention and that is something I love about sportscars! Wherever I go I notice people taking photos of it and when I park it a crowd seems to form around my car — I feel shy when I get out, but, I love the fact that people appreciate my ride.


Your first car was a Mercedes E 55 AMG, then came the Corvette and now you have the Exige Sport 350 and a Range Rover Sport but what is the best car you have ever driven and what is your dream car?

The best was the Lamborghini Urus which belongs to my brother and my dream car is the Bugatti Veyron.


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