Welcome to wheels, Hashim. We love these fourth-generation Patrols, they look so rough and ready; where did you find your Nissan?

Basically, I came across an advert online (I was browsing the classifieds at around 2am like every other petrolhead does!) and then I decided to send the seller a message — and he responded right away! We arranged to meet the following day and the Nissan was in decent condition, but needed some TLC. Two days later, it was mine and I have had it now for exactly one year.

It’s funny but while in school, my friends and I would tell each other that in 10 years’ time we would all be driving Patrols — some wanted the three-door wagon, others wanted the pick-up but I wanted the five-door model and it’s a thrill to own one now. I did also consider the Land Rover Defender but this was out of my budget.


You have been working on the Patrol since you bought it last April and one of the biggest jobs you did was an engine swap. Tell us about that…

Originally, it came with a stock 4.2-litre inline-six which had done almost 300,000kms and was having a few issues (it wasn’t firing on all cylinders) but I managed to source a 2016 4.8-litre VTC inline-six which has proven to be one of Nissan’s most tough and reliable engines.

At the moment it makes 270 horses at the wheels but that number is going to go up this summer as I plan to add a turbocharger — but before that I will be upgrading the brakes.


What else have you done to it?

Cosmetically, it was in need of a little attention so I attended to that, then I gave it a new exhaust system, changed some of the suspension components and added new springs, rust proofed the chassis, got new differentials, new clutch plates, had some electrical work done, gave it a new set of wheels and new sound system.


How much fun is it to drive now?

It is hard to put into words but every time I take it out for a drive, it puts a huge smile on my face. And with it having a manual gearbox, you feel so much more connected with the car not least because you are in control of the transmission and are doing most of the work.

It might be a little underpowered compared to more modern vehicles however it has more than enough punch when it comes to offroading and handles the dunes just perfectly.


How often do you venture off the beaten track with it?

I usually take it out on weekends to the desert — its natural habitat — where it comes to life, and the occasional drive around Jumeira is always fun. There are hardly any luxury features, it isn’t very comfortable either — but I just love the raw driving experience it offers. I just wish it wasn’t so thirsty!


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These Y60 gen Patrols have become a rare sight on our roads — how proud do you feel to own this iconic SUV?

These models are very significant here in the UAE and very well respected too. I feel overwhelmed when driving this car and I will be keeping it for a very long time.


It’s over two decades old and has been driven hard — does it give you any problems?

To be honest, after all the work that I’ve done, it barely gives me any issues and when it does, they tend to be relatively minor and are easy to fix. Nissan Patrol parts are available all around the country and most garages are able to do work on it. It’s very easy to repair as it’s a proper old school SUV.


It gets a lot of attention doesn’t it…

With a vehicle like this you have everyone staring and that includes the police! Once, while I was driving in Jumeira, I had an officer pull me over and I thought I was in trouble for something but I was relieved when all he wanted to know was where I got it from and what sort of work I had done to it. I get asked the same things by almost all enthusiasts who see my Patrol!


It’ll be easy to sell when you finally decide to part with it…

That’s for sure — I can’t even remember the number of times I have been stopped by people who then offered to buy it on the spot!


You own another iconic SUV, don’t you…

Yes, I have a 2016 Range Rover Sport. It was in fact the first car I bought and I have had it for three years. It is my daily driver and I try to use the Patrol sparingly.

I have been a petrolhead ever since I was a kid and got the car bug from my father. He loves cars and I’ve taken that passion from him. I have had a poster of a Ferrari F40 ever since I was eight years old and that is my dream car.