Welcome to wheels, Prabhu! We have to say, we have seen some amazingly customized Chargers in our time — but your ride just has to be at the very top of that list! Tell us what it was that inspired you to do this to your Dodge?

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to showcase my car in the magazine, I really appreciate it!

Well, all of the inspiration was solely down to my 10 year old daughter’s love for the character “Harley Quinn”...


Hmm, are you sure you are not the Harley Quinn fan? We would understand it if you are — after all, Margot Robbie, who played the character in Suicide Squad, is gorgeous!

My wife Akshaya will kill me if I answer that! Margot is cool but genuinely this ride was designed as per my daughter Sanemi’s infinite love for the character. Her love has grown so much that every time we go to shopping malls she’ll make me buy her the latest Harley Quinn doll!


That’s very sweet. What did your Charger look like before you did all this to it?

Before we started the project my Dodge was dark metallic blue and honestly speaking it looked just like any other Charger you see on the roads and I wanted it to look different. 


You sure achieved that! Why did you opt for the Charger in the first place?

I have driven quite a few different model cars in the UAE but the most reliable and sturdy sports saloon I felt was the Charger. I have had it since 2016 and I also have a Durango which is my daily driver.


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What was the very first thing that you did to your Charger?

I had many things on mind after I visited a few custom car shows but the first thing I got done was to get the stance I wanted and I achieved that with a set of H&R spacers and then got air bags from Airlift Performance added so the car can be slammed to ground level.


And then even more serious work followed this…

Yes after I visited MK1 Customs and met the UAE Dodge Club I decided to change the look of the car totally and got a custom body kit which composed of a front double lip, side skirts, diffusers and custom spoiler.

Then I opted for a two-tone custom wrap with embossing based on the unique Harley Quinn blue and red colour theme which really transformed the looks of my car and then I added under body lights, a fibre glass custom sniper bonnet with Mopar vent grille, blue and red engine bay and grille lights, LED wheel lights, two-way operational vertical doors and a set of custom Ferrada alloy wheels.

Then I went for a custom tuned exhaust system from Mopar which gives my car a deep rumble and if I ever get tired of listening to the V8 my new Alpine sound system (and massive Pioneer set up in the boot!) is great for blasting out my favourite tracks!


What sort of reaction does it get from people?

A lot of looks of sheer shock is what I tend to notice the most! People often touch my car to feel embossed wrap and they also wonder how I drive it when the car sits so low! Though all the work done on the car got all of the relevant approvals beforehand I do face issues at times with the authorities and was once pulled over by the police three times in one day! But none of this hampers the joy of driving my car — it is an absolute blast! It packs a massive 5.7-litre mated to an eight-speed automatic which makes 370 horses and 536Nm of torque.

I am really proud of my car — it makes me feel like a celebrity due to the amount of attention it gets. It recently won awards for Best Show car, Best Muscle Car, Best Wrap and Best Air Suspension.