Welcome back to wheels, Aamir. It’s been a decade since we last saw you with your 2008 Accord Coupe. You sold it a while back — do you miss it?

Thank you for the warm welcome. Time has flown by since I was last featured but I read the magazine every week and it’s always good to keep up to date with all the latest motoring news from around the world.

I especially like this “My Wheels” section where you allow people to showcase their hard work and passion that they put into their rides.

Yes, I do miss the Accord Coupe, it was my fourth one!


You replaced it with your dream car — an S2000! How did you come across this?

In fact this is my third S2000. The earlier ones were 2007 models finished in Berlina Black paint but this is an eye-catching 2004 model in a New Formula Red which attracts a lot of attention.

I bought this two years ago — I had to do it as the guilt of selling the others was the driving force to buy another — but it was not in great condition; it had a few oil leaks here and there and I spent countless hours at various garages to bring it back to life. Special thanks to David at Bilal Hamda Garage as he pampered it like it was his baby.


These are really tight and impressive around corners — how much fun is yours to drive?

That is the best part of the car. It is a revelation around corners and handles so well allowing you to push it to the limit.

I love driving it at Jebel Jais in RAK and also around Fujairah every weekend. My family thinks I am crazy to go up to mountains every Friday morning. That place is magical and I find it very peaceful sitting at the top next to my S2000. My work requires me to drive a lot and these weekend drives take out all the stress.


Named as both a homage to Honda’s S500, S600 and S800 sportscars, it had a respectful 240 horses and weighed less than 1,300kg making it very nippy and nimble. It was most active above 6,000rpm and if you treat it like you hate it you tended to get the most out of it! How potent is your AP2 model?

Mine is a GCC AP2 model which came with the legendary F20C 2.0-litre engine; it is very calm under 5,000rpm but revs up to 9,000rpm which is music to my ears. It wasn’t built for quiet Friday drives, it was built to tackle twisty roads. I don’t think there’s any other S2000 in UAE which has seen Jebel Jais more than mine.


What do you like best about it and why? The excellent six-speed manual would take our vote…

You are right! The gearbox is magical and extremely slick while shifting. The Exedy clutch is a pain in traffic jams but in its stock form it is like a knife through hot butter, it is extremely smooth to shift.

I am also very happy with its seating position and the room it affords even for a tall guy like myself. In fact, most people get a shock when they see me coming out of the car as I stand at 6 foot 6 inches — they cannot believe that I can shift gears without my knees touching the steering wheel but I’ve had no problems whatsoever while driving. Since my car is 04 model which came without Vehicle Stability Assist, the rear end tends to tail away at certain corners and one must be extremely careful with the steering to offset that. But that is also the fun part as the car feels completely analogue and it tests your controlling ability.


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Aamir first appeared in wheels a decade ago with his Honda Accord Coupe. The model may have changed now — but he has remained loyal to the brand!

It’s been customized quite a lot…

Yes I’ve done a lot of modifications to enhance its cornering ability; I added Bilstein Athlete’s Orange Coil-overs, OS Giken Super lock LSD, 4.77 final drive gear (stock is 4.10) and the Zestino Semi-Slick tyres were specially ordered for me by DXGarage. I have also added a Seibon VS2 carbon fibre bonnet, Seibon carbon fibre fenders, J’s Racing carbon fibre rear wing, Tarox front and rear drilled brake discs, AP2 front bumper lip, Carbon-Signal side skirts, Mishimito aluminum radiator, Exedy Hyper racing clutch, H&R wheels spacers, oil catch tank, AEM V2 air intake and S2000 CR wheels.

I would like to add Eibach front and rear sway bars, engine front upper strut bar and a Tanabe Medallion exhaust system. My aim is to take this car on the circuit and participate in the Time Attack race next season at the Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina. As you know, it is very difficult to enter any competition without any brand or sponsor backing you up, but I remain committed and will ensure I learn and work on my abilities to improve with every race. This also requires a lot of monetary investment which is why I have decided to take the slow and steady approach without breaking my bank.


What does your family make of it?

My kids love the S2000 and want me to drop them in it to school every day, but I cannot have both sit at the front seat together. My friends are tired of the lessons I give them on Honda’s engineering capability, but my wife now respects my passion towards this car and is very supportive in me spending weekends maintaining and driving it.


Hondas run in the family don’t they...

That’s right! I drive a Honda Jazz to work, my wife drives a Honda Odyssey, my brother has another Honda S2000 and my father drives a Honda Fit Shuttle in Pakistan.


How did your passion for motoring begin?

It started during my teenage years; I remember when I used to work at a mall 17 years ago, I had a bookshop across my showroom where I used to sneak in and read motoring magazines during my break. Needless to say, Honda vehicles were most read about.

My first car was a 1991 Accord Coupe which my father bought me in 2002. I was so happy, I couldn’t thank him enough. I’ve since had two S2000’s, two Nissan Skyline GT-R32’s, Mitsubishi Evolution X, Honda Integra and a Toyota Soarer but the best car I drove was my friend’s 91 Acura NSX to Jebel Jais.


Finally, what is your dream car?

2019 Acura NSX.