The Daimler-Chrysler marriage was never a happy one. And many an offspring from that relationship turned out to have a bitter life, too. One such was the Chrysler Crossfire, which was essentially a Chrysler-designed sportscar based on an SLK platform with a Mercedes V6 under its bonnet. The idea might not have seemed that bad at the time, but the final product was.

Shown first as a concept in 2001, the Crossfire was put into production in 2004, by which time the SLK was launched with new underpinnings. The design was unique, but awkward and polarising. While it was decent as a grand tourer, the styling was a turn-off for many potential buyers. Also, at $35,000 (Dh128,500), many buyers didn't see the point in buying a Chrysler with last-generation SLK innards, and opted to buy the new SLK instead.

The sharply sloping roofline, apart from eliciting comparisons with a dog relieving itself, also made the cabin stifling for drivers and passengers who were above average height, with both head- and legroom at a premium. Worse still, the steering wheel wouldn't tilt, making it difficult to find a comfortable driving position. The steering itself was an obsolete recirculating ball system that was lethargic in its response, while handling wasn't the sportiest.

Naturally, sales never took off, and the Crossfire was discontinued in 2008, after a short lifespan of just four years, with the rest of the inventory put up for sale online at eBay and