Last year, Chrysler revealed the new 2017 Pacifica MPV, which replaces the Town & Country -- the minivan that started it all more than a quarter of a century ago. It seems, even though it resurrected a name originally used for a six-seater estate introduced in 2003, the carmaker was careful not to repeat the same mistakes this time. While the newcomer undercuts its rivals and the van it replaces, being overpriced was just one of the many problems its short-lived Noughties namesake suffered from.

It was with great expectations that America's wagon lovers waited for Daimler-Chrysler's three-row utility vehicle. German quality and American styling is what they anticipated. They didn't get either. The Pacifica was an awkward mishmash of an SUV and a minivan -- it was rather an ungainly high-riding estate, and certainly not a patch on Audi Avants.

In keeping with its upmarket posturing, it was equipped with many then-in-vogue features like leather seats, power everything, sat-nav etc. It even boasted an all-wheel drive system.

However, for a car with a price tag of about $35,000 (Dh129,000), the Pacifica's build quality wasn't up to scratch. It also turned out that it couldn't deliver on the much-touted practicality aspect either. Third-row seats were not spacious enough for adults, while luggage room with the last row up was also limited.The wheezy 3.5-litre V6, mated to a four-speed transmission, was no match for the hulking estate's heft. Naturally, this affected fuel economy, and not in a good way. To make matters worse, it soon gained disrepute for reliability issues as well.

Although Chrylser tried to salvage the situation by offering a new engine option and a six-speed transmission, it wasn't enough to redeem the Pacifica. Eventually, in 2008, about six years after its launch, it departed for the great scrapyard in the sky. And guess what, no one shed a tear.