Entering uncharted territory and aiming to woo customers used to the bulletproof quality and performance of well-established marques is a tough task. Increasing production from 6,000 cars a year to 50,000 is impossible. Or was. One carmaker has managed to do just that, moving from boutique manufacturing to a cut-throat high-volume segment and scoring a win first time out. Remarkably engineered, powered by a gloriously resonant V6 and blessed with sportscar-like dynamics, the beautiful Maserati Ghibli brings a touch of exoticism that has hitherto been alien to this segment. And the fact that all these attributes have been squeezed into a package that’s priced in the same range as its relatively more plebeian rivals, makes the Ghibli a true game changer. What Maserati has achieved here will have wider implications for the industry, as shaken rivals in this segment will now have no choice but to up their game by a few notches.