What Munich has achieved with this car is nothing short of spectacular. The i8 delivers cutting-edge technology for a relatively reasonable price, it’s great to drive and looks like an alien craft that’s dropped into our world thanks to a happy glitch in the time space continuum.

But more importantly it’s a machine that has set the blueprint for the future of sportscars. It proves that environmentally friendly sportscars needn’t cost millions of dirhams or compromise on the driving experience. The i8 is a step into a brave new world, one where petrolheads happily co-exist with the eco-brigade.

The i8 is the reason why the sportscar might be saved from a rapidly approaching and grisly end. It shifts paradigms, sets expectations and then beats them comprehensively. If there was any car in the past 12 months that was worthy of our top accolade, it’s this one. It’s our Car of the Year. It’s the BMW i8.