When Coventry finally gets around to that, it’ll have this thing for company. And right now nobody in the industry wishes to be in that position… AMG is on a roll, people. Affalterbach is likely the only place in the world right now absolutely nailing the characteristics of its twin-turbo V8 powerplants, and AMG, in our opinion, has even surpassed the great M GmbH for driver involvement as well. There’ll be a rematch on the cards, you can bet on that when it comes to these two eternal rivals, but for now the three loudest letters on the planet are AMG.

The C 63 S, our Best Sports Saloon, is proof in the metal. First off we don’t miss the old 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 one bit. The new hand-built M177 4.0-litre revs as keenly and far enough too, peaking with 503bhp at 5,500rpm and putting down 700Nm of torque to the rear wheels. That’s ridiculous, in a car no bigger than the Optima we have here.

Mercedes is also persisting with electronic steering and with every model year the tuning and feel becomes a little bit more intimate — it’s not on the same level as the previous car’s mechanical set-up, but it’s sharper and more communicative than its rivals’ best efforts. We call them efforts, but we often get the feeling that with modern electronic steering systems some car companies don’t even bother trying.

“This thing is mad,” says Imran. “It’s a peach,” adds Gautam. “It’s a muscle car,” thinks Sony. “It’s a street brawler,” reckons Amit. It’s a lot of very, very good things.