When it comes to Best Supercar however, the competition was far tighter, closer than in any one ofwheels’ six previous CotY awards. We had the glorious Aventador LP 750-4 SV to consider, which absolutely enamoured everyone with its naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12. We also had the stupendous 675LT to chuck out. “You could say these cars can all be expressed in metric terms, one way or another,” argues Fadi. “You can always calculably measure horsepower, torque, maximum speed and zero to 100kph times, but when it comes to the 488 GTB, the world of science needs to come up with a new quantification… This car gets under your skin.”

And it’s not even the best Ferrari there is — we are all in agreement that the Speciale was, well, more special, but turbocharged red cars are the future of Maranello and this spells a darn fine outlook indeed. The 488 GTB is stupid fast, for lack of a better cliché, and what’s even more absurd is how much the Ferrari’s black-magic electronics make it all seem so easy. Digital witchcraft is the only explanation. If the Middle Ages had Side Slip Control II they’d have tied it up and chucked it in a river.

While Gautam and Tim are sweating to stay within the marginal white lines, Fadi can push hard all evening and keep his palms dry. “Everyone talks about the legendary F40 being the last turbocharged V8 mid-engined Ferrari,” he says, “and it is surely a big hurdle to get over, but in terms of sheer ability and speed the 488 GTB more than lives up to its spiritual predecessor’s ethos.”

High praise indeed, from 1,400m up high.