Milling around Bab Al Shams an hour or so after breakfast, we’re still making good progress and snapper Malek is happy with the shots — if you’ve ever worked with a car photographer, satisfaction is not a concept they understand. Now, whining? Experts… Plus only one or two people are complaining about being hungry (an hour after we just ate) /thirsty/needing a pee.

But breaking rules is what we do (we’re rebels like that… or just idiots) and so the AMG GT S key is missing… Or is it the C 63, or GLC key? The problem with Mercs is that they’re all the same keys and this isn’t the only such episode of the day — since this time Amit’s responsible, nobody is allowed to shout. Everyone apologises to Fadi for assuming it was him.

And anyway, how can we possibly keep track of them all? Mercedes launched a million cars last year and half of them were AMGs. No wonder the Stuttgart marque is collecting three awards from wheels this year. It’s a numbers’ game. Some other German brands will be fuming (the competition in the Vaterland is so intense they don’t care if they win, they only care that their rivals don’t), sure, but considering the rate of output from Mercedes they can’t be too sore.

And the GLC is genuinely good, unlike its predecessor, the GLK. “The GLC does everything that the GLK did but only better,” says Sony, adding that its more sophisticated styling, great on-road manners, decent off-road abilities, plush, roomy cabin, and increased cargo capacity, make it one of the most complete crossovers on the market. The name might be a small alteration in order to fall into Merc’s new line of naming but the car is all-new, and its combination of design, comfort (panoramic roof, exquisite interior) and technology, such as available air suspension, will ensure its success in our market.

It easily outguns the other nominees, the Lexus NX and the Lincoln MKX, too. “Despite being all new the NX already feels dated with a gruff turbo engine and the MKX, well, it’s good but not as capable as the GLC, neither on the road or off it,” adds Amit.