Jaguar, meanwhile, has run out of them long ago. Which is why Coventry is making none with the XE. It’s just plain good, it’s our Best Executive Saloon, and it’s Jaguar’s single hope of doubling annual sales. In order to do that, the XE had to convince us it’s better than the shortlisted Infiniti Q70 and even its bigger XF sibling… So far it’s done just that. It is better to drive than both and yet has a forgiving ride — the balance is superb. The new lightweight chassis is aluminium-rich, but lightweight is a relative term to the British carmaker it seems. At 1,665kg for the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 model we have here, it’s anything but light, yet the XE hides its mass well.

Sony is in the Jaguar and isn’t interested in swapping seats — “Don’t start having a go at me about V8s and twin turbos… With 335bhp this thing has just the right amount of power for daily use and its sublime chassis is happy enough with the pairing, too. And anyway, just you all wait until Jaguar sticks an R badge on the back…”