We’re always inundated with emails from readers begging us to feature their cars in My Wheels, but when the car in question is a Nissan Sunny with go-faster stripes we usually end up on the floor, rolling around laughing. Not really. Well, there was that one time… Anyway, this section caters to those who have spent time and effort on sprucing up something worthwhile (no offence to the Sunny, but if you are someone who spends their hard-earned money on doing up these, stop it immediately…) and we have had some belters in the magazine. So we decided it would be kinda cool to award the best of the lot a trophy and asked you, dear reader, to vote for your favourite.

You did just that, and the winner, by a massive margin we might add, was Mukesh M Mansukhani and his gorgeous, Dark Moss Green 1967 Ford Mustang — you know, the one made famous by the classic flick Bullitt starring the king of cool, Steve McQueen. Mukesh referred to his Ford as a “work of art” adding that “it has character, soul and an attractive combination of style and power.” You can’t argue with that; this was one of the hottest American cars in the Sixties, packing a 302 cubic inch (5.0-litre) V8 with a manual gearbox — just the way a muscle car should be. And with his fitted with an Edelbrock intake and a Magnaflow exhaust, it had an extra throaty soundtrack, just the way we like it. “It makes me feel alive. This car is special and makes you cherish the very essence of life,” he says. We agree Mukesh, so congratulations and we wish you years of happy motoring as our very first My Wheels of the Year winner.