Valentine’s Day is a commercial load of rubbish. There. We said it. For one day of the year we’re forced to get our loved ones roses, chocolates, teddies, expensive dinners, gold class seats at the cinema and what have you - as if we don’t already do all this for the other 364 days of the year… Oh, some of you don’t. Hmm, well, that’s OK, we’re not judging, much... But, since we know you love cars, we have given this lovey-dovey day an automotive twist.

So, even if you’re all loved-up or happily (er, or unhappily…) single, check out our following lists from Top Car Features (ensuring you have a romantic evening...), to The Hottest Date Night Cars (to take your significant other out in...) and even advice on how to keep your partner happy and your relationship in top gear with some clever gifts and top tips. 

We have it all in our mega Valentine’s Day car-compilation to get your motor running!


Romantic Car Features

It is vital that your ride has at least one of the following features to make sure the most romantic day of the year is a memorable one...


1-Ambient/Mood Lighting

A lot of cars don’t have this simple yet effective feature but the ones that do will make sure that when the night falls and you’re in there with your significant other, that warm red glow emanating from the cozy cabin will definitely set the scene for, er, use your imagination...



2-Massaging Seats

These will definitely make your date night that bit better as the massage functions wash away all that stress you’ve been carrying all day and get you in a more relaxed mood.



3-Convertible Top

We are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where February offers the most pleasant of climates and you and your partner can enjoy the cool winter evening in a convertible; drop the top and enjoy the night sky from the comfort of your car.



4-Starlight Headliner

There’s no doubt about it, the Starlight Headliner is a spellbinding Rolls-Royce Bespoke feature. Feeding tiny fibre-optic lights into the headlining and replicating the night sky from within… It doesn’t get any more romantic! Make every journey a magical experience with a stellar scene above you. Or, if you can’t afford a Roller, then just make do with option number 3…



The Best Cars For Date Night!

There are loads of options out there that would impress your partner - but without a doubt we’d say “Be Mine” to these fabulous rides to help drive your date crazy!


1-Maserati Quattroporte

Whispering sweet nothings in your date’s ear would put a smile on her/his face - but imagine if you could do that in an Italian accent! It’d get things sizzling for sure, but if you’re not Italian then the Quattroporte is the next best thing. Who doesn’t go weak at the knees from the sound of this awesome saloon packing that sonorous Ferrari-sourced V8! That motor will surely help get things going…



2-Dodge Charger Hellcat

With 707 horsepower, this potent saloon will get pulses racing!



3-Jaguar E-Type

This is easily one of the most seductive cars of all time. Charming and sexy and even though it was made more than fifty years ago, it hasn’t lost any of its allure. In fact it’s so hot you may forget all about your date and spend all night with the Jag!



4-A pickup truck

Oh look. A bed... 



5-BAC Mono

If you don’t have a date and you don’t want anyone to see that lovesick face, then the single-seat BAC Mono can reach 100kph in under 3 seconds meaning nobody will notice your forlorn expression!



The Worst Car For Valentine’s Day… the Peel P50!

Just look at it - it lacks any sex appeal whatsoever! One of the smallest production cars ever made, this one-seat one-door coupe from the Sixties has less space than an airplane bathroom. On second thoughts, it could get pretty cosy in there...



Valentine’s Day Car Advice!

Here are some lovely displays of automotive affection to get you in your partner’s good books!


Put a steaming cup of Karak Chai in the cup holder and stash some chocs in the glove box…




Get one of those car vase things and put flowers in it…




Fill the tank up with fuel! Remember a full tank equals a full heart. (Cringe...)



4- Car wash!

Get your hubby/wife’s ride washed inside and out – but for extra points, do it yourself then brag about it all day!



5- Music! 

Create a romantic playlist for him/her to listen to while they head to work. They’ll think about you and smile… (We recommend Jackie Wilson, Barry White and Marvin Gaye).



Car Gifts!

1-For him... 

What is more powerful than love? That’s right – a turbocharger. Get him that and he’ll be forever happy!



2- For her... 

What about those car lashes for the headlights? Umm, yeh, don’t…



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