Schedule an A/C performance check with Black Edition Ultimate Auto Repair Shop before the summer season kicks into gear in the UAE.

During the summer months in the UAE we experience extremely hot temperatures that can often even surpass 50 degrees Celsius. It is an inferno out there and it is never a good time to experience A/C issues with your vehicle. You need to make sure that when you push that little A/C button on your dashboard to combat the heat, the air should come out of the vents fast and be icy cold - not slow and warm… Fortunately, Black Edition Ultimate Auto Repair Shop, located in Al Quoz Area 4, Dubai, are here to help keep you cool.

But, why does the A/C system eventually start to fail? There are several reasons why this would happen – here are the five most common explanations:


1.      Leaking Refrigerant

Like most components in your vehicle, over time, those pertained to you’re A/C system will begin to wear out while undercar damage (caused by stones, rocks, potholes etc) will definitely impair essential parts of the system. Similarly, if the vehicle has suffered a front impact (caused by a crash), some components such as broken gaskets or seals, cracked hoses etc will likely be damaged and may cause a refrigerant leak. Some refrigerant does naturally escape over time, but it does so in very tiny amounts – in fact it would take months to cause the vehicle to blow warm air. If the A/C system in your vehicle has a refrigerant leak it can occur at any point in the A/C process which makes pinpointing the actual leak difficult.


2.      Blocked Condenser

If the condenser – which re-cools hot refrigerant - is blocked, it will be unable to properly cool the refrigerant causing the A/C unit to only expel hot air. The condenser is designed to re-cool hot refrigerant once it has been compressed and it does so by using the airflow which is created through the front of your vehicle while you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some sand or debris from the road it will not properly cool the refrigerant causing the A/C unit to expel warm or even hot air.


3.      Electrical Issues

Your vehicle’s A/C system is electronically operated and therefore, electrical issues such as damaged wires, blown fuses, or a broken temperature sensor can cause the system to malfunction. Electrical issues are a common cause for faulty units and all it takes is a tiny frayed wire to wreak havoc and also when fans aren’t working properly, your condenser may not receive properly cooling which, again, will cause your vehicle to emit only hot air.


4.      Faulty Compressor

Your vehicle’s A/C system cannot function without the compressor. If the compressor – which keeps your A/C moving at all times – has gone bad, then the refrigerant will not be able to circulate through the system and you will not get any cold air. Common reasons for compressors failing include long periods of time without use and to combat this, it is generally recommend that you run your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes once every three weeks to keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan. Another reason a compressor fails is because it has overheated due to a clogged filter or a buildup of contaminants in the coils. What’s more, low refrigerant, too much refrigerant or using the wrong type of refrigerant can place excessive strain on the compressor.


5.      Fan Failure

A simple visual inspection will help you conclude whether or not the A/C fans are spinning and if they are not the condenser will struggle to receive proper cooling and over time the system will not emit ice cold air that you crave during the peak of summer. Fans can crack or be seriously damaged by debris on the road and will need to be replaced.


If you have an ailing A/C system then there’s no need to panic as the experts at Black Edition Ultimate Auto Repair Shop are just a phone call away and know exactly what it takes to maintain every single aspect of your vehicle from oil changes, brake pads replacement, electrical repair, exhaust system repair and of course A/C system repair. They can get the right compressors and accessories for any car, including yours and can inspect you’re A/C and catch any problems early on before they cause serious damage to the system which would require expensive repairs. So, if your air conditioner has stopped cooling properly, don’t tolerate a stuffy, uncomfortable vehicle – just make an appointment with Black Edition Ultimate Auto Repair Shop. They will address any issues that your vehicle is experiencing and will be happy to be of service.