Despite all the comfort and safety features that are built into today’s cars, they are only as good as the tyres they wear. The importance of tyres cannot be stressed enough, as they are the most crucial, or rather the only, link between your car and the road. Maintaining them properly and periodically is key, and with strict rules in place in the UAE, replacing them every three years is also crucial. Until just a few years ago, this meant shopping around for the best deal from several tyre shops, and finally taking your car to the one that gives you the best price. However, much like the exponential growth seen in online sales of automotive spare parts, equipment, accessories and services over the past few years, the tyre retail scene has also witnessed a massive shift to e-commerce platforms.

Globally, collaboration between e-commerce platform providers and brick and mortar stores is projected to drive the online automotive aftermarket market further upwards in the coming years. One of the early adopters of this model in the region is, which has established itself as the UAE’s leading online tyre retailer. Founded in 2015, pioneered a new approach to tyre retailing in the UAE, where customers select their tyres online and choose to have them installed at their homes or at a tyre shop nearby. The retailer’s business model is unique in the sense that it is not bogged down by the hefty outlays of physical shops, as installation is done by its chosen network of partners. While other websites represent a particular brand or two which they are keen to push and direct customers to their own retail shops at a handful of locations, offers over 40 brands and 150 installer locations across the UAE.

With an aim to make tyre buying experience “easy and positive” for customers, bases its business model on upfront, all-inclusive and transparent pricing. All essential specifications such as the brand, pattern, date of manufacture etc are clearly mentioned on the portal, and customers will get exactly the same product at the installer location. All tyres sold by comply with GSO standards and are supplied by the local distributors and come with a manufacturer’s warranty against defect, and they also make sure that installers go through a demanding review process of their equipment, training, customer service, and facilities.

As a shot in the arm for the brand’s already successful business, Mitsubishi Corporation has invested in to become a strategic partner and a shareholder in the company. With the e-commerce market in the GCC set to hit $20 billion by 2020, this investment by a global enterprise is expected to bolster’s market leadership and helping it grow its footprint regionally over the next few years.

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