While the Onix is a brand new nameplate for the region and the redesigned for 2020 Captiva is a family favourite and both add a fresh dynamic to Chevrolet’s line-up, but headlining the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show was the 2020 Corvette Stingray. The eighth-generation model made its regional debut, bringing new levels of performance, technology, craftsmanship and luxury to Chevrolet’s 2020 line-up.

“At Chevrolet, we are proud to offer one of the region’s broadest and most diverse line-ups, appealing to all types of customers and today’s reveals demonstrate this. From the fastest and most luxurious Corvette Stingray to the trendy and versatile Onix and Captiva, the perfect SUV for the whole family, Chevrolet’s line-up is fresher and more dynamic than ever before,” said John Roth, President and Managing Director – General Motors Africa and Middle East. “Dubai International Motor Show is a perfect platform to regionally debut these new vehicles, as it brings the region’s biggest car enthusiasts under one roof to appreciate how we are driving the future through innovation and cutting-edge automotive engineering.”

John Roth, President and Managing Director – General Motors Africa and Middle East. Photo: Supplied

2020 Corvette Stingray
Building on the boundary-pushing legacy of the nameplate, the 2020 Stingray is the first ever mid-engine Corvette, attaining the very pinnacle of innovation. Reaching the highest limits of performance with the traditional front-engine vehicle, Chevrolet engineers relocated the very heart of the Corvette: its engine. Now, sitting like a jewel in a showcase, the 2020 Stingray packs the fastest 0-60 time of any entry Corvette ever at under three seconds when equipped with Z51 performance package.

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The 2020 Stingray is powered by Chevy's next-generation 6.2-litre Small Block V8 LT2 engine, the only naturally aspirated V8 in its segment. It will produce 495 horsepower and 637Nm of torque when equipped with performance exhaust - the most horsepower and torque for any entry Corvette.

Inspired by modern fighter jets, the 2020 Stingray cuts a striking silhouette: lean, muscular and unmistakably Corvette. Expressing power and a sense of motion from every angle, the new location of the engine is the focal point of the design, visible through the large rear hatch window.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray goes into production at GM’s Bowling Green Assembly in late 2019 and will be available in the Middle East from mid-2020.

2020 Captiva
The all-new 2020 Captiva is a complete reinvention of its nameplate, building on Chevrolet’s global SUV experience to mark a new era for Captiva in the Middle East. With its cutting-edge styling, life-sized interior space, high fuel efficiency and smart technologies, the all-new Chevrolet Captiva is a car for every family that is constantly on the move.

The all-new Chevrolet Captiva is a car for every family that is constantly on the move. Photo: Supplied

With sharp and modern styling, Captiva is lean and muscular. Available in both five and seven seats configurations, the Captiva encapsulates Chevrolet’s SUV philosophy: spacious, stylish and smart.

Delivering real driving satisfaction and maintaining an efficient fuel economy, Captiva is powered by a 1.5-litre turbo-charged engine and 255Nm of torque. Beyond being a good-looking car, Captiva’s design is built to be safe and convenient as the car comes equipped with a host of active safety features and technologies to make the drivers’ daily commute easier and more enjoyable.

Captiva will be available from early 2020 in three trims and five color options.

2020 Onix
The all-new 2020 Chevrolet Onix blends attractive design, large and comfortable interior space, innovative connectivity and active safety technologies to offer customers a brand new compact car that is a cut above the rest. The 2020 Onix also provides best in class fuel efficiency and safety features including six airbags, standard on all trims.

The all-new 2020 Chevrolet Onix blends attractive design, large and comfortable interior space. Photo: Supplied

Embodying Chevrolet’s design DNA, Onix is youthful and dynamic with athletic lines and a contemporary, refined body speaking to its sporty personality. Tailored to make the drivers’ life easier, Chevrolet engineers have focused on versatility, with a spacious, refined interior to be comfortable for up to five passengers plus cargo.

The 2020 Onix is fun to drive, with an all-new family of three-cylinder turbo engines, both 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre, along with hyrda-matic six-speed AT transmission to maintain exceptional fuel economy. Onix also offers an enhanced electric power steering system which has been specifically tuned for the vehicle to bring the driver more confidence on the road.

Available in three trims and two turbo engine variants, the Onix will join the regional line-up in late 2020.

In addition to the new vehicle launches, Chevrolet also showcased its extensive accessories portfolio at Dubai International Motor Show 2019. From aesthetic styling choices to maximizing performance and enhancing practicality, customers are easily able to improve the functionality and utility of their vehicle to better suit their lifestyle.