Any car owner will remember their first time sitting in their own car. It’s a momentous occasion and a rite of passage in the automotive world. What comes next is unfortunately what sours this glorious thought in our minds, servicing.

Vehicle maintenance is not in everyone’s capabilities and most people get lead down two paths. First, the path of an expensive service contract from auto-OEMs or second, the path which leads to the search of a trustworthy garage and bargaining prices for parts and services. In both scenarios, it’s not just price which is a factor but also time.

MySyara comes to the UAE

The recently launched MySyara app, in partnership with Shell Lubricants, comes to the UAE to solve this problem once and for all. The local start-up aims to chance the trend of ‘corrective maintenance’ to ‘preventive maintenance’. MySyara provides complete 360-degree checks with any service, so you’re not just taking care of the requirements of the vehicle at that point but also planning for future maintenance that might be coming your way. Thanks to the exceptional level of work and customer satisfaction being provided, MySyara provides a 6-month workmanship warranty giving users peace of mind when it comes to their precious vehicle.

MySyara – Everything you need to know

MySyara provides an immense range of services as far as vehicle maintenance are concerned. Here are a few main services below:

  1. First and foremost, MySyara provides a state-of-the-art garage-on-wheels which arrives with all the tools needed to get you on the move from wherever you are.  They change or charge your car battery, change and repair tyres and even run a complete diagnostic on your car from wherever you are.
  2. Next up is car servicing. MySyara believes in saving you the time and effort of taking your car for services. If you use their app for your car service, they pick up your beloved car, take it to one of their partner garages and drop it off back to you, all while you work or sit at home and relax. Apart from the pick and drop service, they guarantee a one day turn-around time on preventative maintenance work, a 6-month warranty of their workmanship and great prices on parts used when necessary.
  3. Everyone once in a while we all like to splurge on our auto-companions. The MySyara app provides car detailing services like window tinting, ceramic coating, interior and exterior detailing, steam washes and so much more.
  4. Last but not least, is the MySyara car spa. You can enjoy a lovely interior and exterior waterless eco-friendly car wash while you’re at home, at work, a movie or even out shopping.


“ We at MySyara believe that in 2019 car care should be as easy as updating your smartphone. Seamless and Automated! ” Chirenj Chandran, CEO, MySyara

MySyara is available now on Apple iOS on the App Store as well as on the Google Play Store on Android.