It was just yesterday that we brought you news of Spanish outfit Bengala announcing its take on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. That prompted us to look back at some of our favourite coach-built cars from recent years.

During the Thirties, with the rapid industrialisation of the car industry and the commoditisation of the automobile, the traditional craft of coachbuilding withered. What was a thriving industry of hundreds of ateliers shrunk to just a handful of companies operating mainly in Britain and Italy. The demise of coachbuilt cars was due to the onset of unibody construction, and in part the Great Depression and the need after WWII to affordably mobilise entire nations. But don’t say that coachbuilding is entirely dead - we’ve sifted through some modern coach built exotics for a Top 10 countdown:

10. Spada Codatronca

Built by Italian outfit Spada Vetture Sport in 2008, this isn’t the most beautiful supercar we’ve ever seen but it’s impressive in that you’d be hard pressed to tell there’s a C6 generation 7.0-litre Chevy Corvette under all those sharp lines

9. Bertone Mantide

Another Corvette, this time a monster 638 horsepower supercharged ZR1, and with the prestige of Bertone bodywork designed by American Jason Castriota, who previously at Pininfarina also penned the Ferrari 599 GTB and Maserati Gran Turismo

8. Ferrari GG50

To mark 50 years of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s work the great man designed himself a 612 Scaglietti, that let’s face wasn’t exactly the prettiest Ferrari ever out of the box to begin with - Guigiaro’s take on the car was his own personal mode of transport for a number of years

7. Ferrari 575 GTZ

This classical (even prettier than Giugiaro’s GG50…) interpretation of the Ferrari 575M is by legendary Italian design house Zagato, who was commissioned by Japanese collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi to create a car inspired by the 1956 250 GT Zagato

6. Kode57

Japanese designer Ken Okuyama has Porsche, GM, and Pininfarina work in his sizeable portfolio which also includes, strangely enough, a Mitsubishi Colt. This year he’s announced that his Kode57 coach built supercar will be built limited to five examples at $2.5m each - obviously Floyd Mayweather already has his on order

5. Galpin GTR1

We all know Galpin Auto Sports from the unfortunate days of MTV's Pimp My Ride and Xzibit, but the outfit was pretty serious when it came to the 2013 Galpin GTR1 based on the Ford GT, but twin-turbocharged to deliver over a thousand horsepower…

4. Fisker Latigo

When Danish designer Henrik Fisker (BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, etc.) founded Fisker Coachbuild in Irvine, California, his first stop was the 2005 Frankfurt motor show for the Fisker Latigo’s premiere - the car underneath was actually a BMW 6 Series bodied in aluminium and carbon fibre

3. Disco Volante

In 2013 Milan’s famous Carrozzeria Touring coachbuilders stunned the world with the modern version of Alfa Romeo’s Fifties’ Disco Volante, then also designed by Touring. Meaning Flying Saucer, the Disco Volante was based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

2. Pininfarina P4/5

Film director, racer, petrolhead and all-round super-rich-guy James Glickenhaus wanted a one-off Ferrari inspired by the the Scuderia’s Sixties’ P series sports prototype racing cars, but Ferrari wouldn’t do him one. So he spent $4m bodying his own Ferrari racer in Jason Castriota’s design and the Enzo’s V12 engine…

1. Pininfarina New Stratos

Enthusiasts rally driver and businessman Michael Stoschek was quite keen on the modern Lancia Stratos concept spotted at the 2005 Geneva motor show, and commissioned Pininfarina to take a Ferrari F430 and turn it into a 21st century Stratos by chopping 20cm out of the wheelbase for a start - it doesn’t wear the fabled Lancia badge, but it is one in spirit…