1: It will be even better to drive
BMW claims the seventh-generation 5 Series will be sportier than ever, thanks to its focus on lightweight construction. In fact, it will slash a notable 100kg from the overall weight of its predecessor. That’s like not having Rosie O’Donnell on board all the time. The lighter weight combined with a host of chassis options such as active steering and xDrive all-wheel drive system, should ensure it’s still the handling benchmark in its class.

2: It will be more aerodynamic than ever 
Despite its nearly 5.0-metre length the new 5 Series will boast a coefficient of drag of just 0.22, which BMW says is the best in class. Rival Audi’s new A4 claims a CD of 0.23. This should help improve fuel efficiency even further with the most powerful at launch 540i promising a fuel economy of 6.5 litres per 100km.

3: It will have semi-autonomous driving capability
Those are the buzzwords so clearly BMW is not going to be left behind when it comes to one of its biggest selling models. The new 5 Series will accelerate, brake and steer in what BMW calls “monotonous driving conditions”. However, the saloon will be able to do this at speeds up to 210kph from standstill.

4: It will have gesture control
The new 5er will get the latest version of BMW’s iDrive system with a new 10.25in high-resolution screen. Drivers will be able to control a variety of features using voice commands and gestures. The new full-colour head-up display will also have a 70 per cent larger projection area.

5: It will be more powerful than before
At launch, 530i and 540i petrol variants will be available making 252bhp and 340bhp, respectively. The former will get a four-cylinder turbo unit, while the latter will pack a turbo inline six. A V8-engined M550i all-wheel drive version with 462bhp and 650Nm will be added to the line-up later. The new 5 Series will go on sale globally in February 2017.